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Who is Krishangee Gauree Miss Queen of the World 2023, biography, age, height, birth place, Instagram

Who is Krishangee Gauree Miss Queen of the World 2023, biography, age, height, birth place, Instagram

Who is Krishangee Gauree Miss Queen of the World 2023, biography, age, height, birth place, Instagram
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Assam’s Krishangee Gauree is the first Indian who has won the title of “Miss Queen of the World” in the grand finale of the “Queen of the World,” know her biography

The grand finale of the international beauty fair was held from the 13th of March till the 18th of March 2023 in New Jersey, USA, where more than 30 people competed from all across the world. They competed in a total category of four different pageant divisions Miss Queen of World, Ms. Queen of World, Mrs. Queen of the World 2023, and Mrs. Queen Elite of World.

Krishangee who currently works as a finance professional in New York, represented India in one of four divisions across all age groups of women from different walks of life. Krishangee is from Guwahati, Assam, and wants to promote her state on a global stage.

Prior to Queen of the World, Krishangee had participated in the style segment Miss Diva before the COVID-19 pandemic and is also a professional Bharatnatyam dancer who has been into performing arts since the age of 4.

Krishangee has performed not only in India but at Harvard and Boston Universities and is also the founder of a dance team at the University of Massachusetts Amherst where Krishangee pursued her undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Her DOB and height isn’t known.

Assam’s Krishangee Gauree has been crowned “Miss Queen of the World”.

— News Arena India (@NewsArenaIndia) March 21, 2023

This competition has searched extensively around the world for finding out the best possible skills and talent from across the globe before the grand finale in the US.

The contestants have undergone a rigorous selection process of different hard rounds over a period of 6 months, focusing on significant things which include leadership skills, the ability to public speaking, and confidence. Krishangee Gauree was crowned as Miss Queen of 2023.

Krishangee Gauree career, education and latest news

Krishangee Gauree has won the hearts of the judges and audience with her beauty, intelligence, and elegance. She has done Master in Science and Business Analytics. She is currently working with the Global Foundries in the Corporate Strategy team.

Krishangee’s goal is to bring out more financial awareness all across the world as it is believed that, it helps in bringing out real-life skills which can help people to make better life and investment decisions, which enables everyone for achieving their dreams.

Expressing great excitement and joy at such a grand time, Krishangee has expressed, “It was just like a dream for me which has come true. I still can’t believe that I got the title of ‘Miss Queen of the World’.”

The Queen of World Pageant is a new pageant, which empowers women with training in leadership, public speaking, and walking. It is a pageant based on inclusion and diversity and welcomes women from all walks of life to join the wonderful world of beauty pageants and become true queens of this world.

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