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Where to Find Eyelash Camel in One Piece Odyssey

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Camel of the Lashes sought in the desert by Luffy’s crew.

Luffy’s crew went through the Alabasta desert in the side story “The Truth About the Eyelash Camels”. While the main purpose of this story was to ask the characters to travel through the desert, exploring camels can not only generate a lot of fruit to obtain an achievement, but also two additional items. As Strawhats isn’t the only one looking for this strange animal, players should also be ready to fight while searching.

Crazy scholar Saien contacted Luffy and his crew to find the Camels of Lashes outside the desert.

There should be a marking on the map of the Great Sandy Desert that shows players where the monster was last spotted, but before they arrive, they will be directed to the

Sandy Ruinswhere the monster’s footprints last went. when opening them mapPlayers can select an icon related to this side story quest. One Piece Adventure through Teal compass symbol Shows possible places to look.

Saving Eyelashes in One Piece Odyssey The Camel

Eyelashes Camel can be seen with a a group of people near the northeastern part of the regionwith a distant blue alert appearing above their heads when players spot them. As soon as the crew recognizes the Lashes from its signature feature, they get into a fight with another group that wants to sell The Camel to the circus.

There is four enemies During the fight that broke out after finding the Lashes in total, Camel, which thankfully didn’t stay too hard after a while due to the small health of each enemy. By focusing on single targets for quick knockouts, players can easily reduce the hit rate of their game’s characters. One Piece Adventure party receives during a certain battle round. team members such as Usopp and Sanji especially useful in this battle, as their attacks can deal enough damage to hit targets each time it’s their turn.

Back in Saien the Scientist, a small dialogue begins where players share with the traveling intellectual what they’ve learned about the Lashes The Camel. When the Side Story is completed, 30,000 Strawberries who goes hand in hand with is rewarded XP Earned from fighting those who missed the lashes.

Two other items players get for finding Camel Lashes in their Story One Piece Adventure these Eye-Lashes Record Cube and Saien’s NecklaceItems that provide information about the creature and respectfully serve as cosmetic parts.

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Where To Find Eyelash Camel In One Piece Odyssey

Since its initial release on PlayStation 4, One Piece Odyssey has been a favorite amongst One Piece enthusiasts. The game follows the story of Luffy and the Strawhat crew embarking on an epic voyage. Along their journey, they meet a multitude of characters and creatures. The latest addition to their quest is the Eyelash Camel – a rare creature that needs to be tracked down in order to progress in the game.

Are you lost trying to locate Eyelash Camel? We’ve got your back. Here is a comprehensive guide that answers all your burning questions and helps you find the elusive Eyelash Camel in One Piece Odyssey.

Where To Look For Eyelash Camel?

The Eyelash Camel can be found near the top of the Forgotten Island. This is an island located northeast of the Calm belts, and can be reached through the Calm Belt Sea Route. The Eyelash Camel has a unique sighting pattern, which makes it difficult to find without proper resources.

How To Locate Eyelash Camel?

The Eyelash Camel can be located using the following techniques:

  • Asking NPCs for advice – NPCs located in the area should be able to provide guidance regarding the Eyelash Camel’s whereabouts.
  • Using tracking marks – Eyelash Camel leaves a unique mark on the land, which can be used to track its movement.
  • Using special items – Special items can be used to lure the Eyelash Camel and make it easier to locate.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the items required to locate the Eyelash Camel? The items that you need to locate the Eyelash Camel include a shovel, a tracking mark, and a special item.
  • How big is the Eyelash Camel? The Eyelash Camel is a small creature, about the size of a horse.
  • Is the Eyelash Camel dangerous? While the Eyelash Camel can be wary of strangers, it is not generally a dangerous creature.


The Eyelash Camel is an elusive creature found in the One Piece Odyssey game. To find it, players need to visit the Forgotten Island located northeast of the Calm Belts. There, players can use NPCs, tracking marks, and special items to track down the Eyelash Camel. The creature is not dangerous, but it can be difficult to locate without the right resources. With this comprehensive guide, you should have no trouble tracking down the Eyelash Camel in One Piece Odyssey.

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