When Was 'Perfect Match' Filmed? One Contestant Allegedly Signed Up for the Show While Dating Someone

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When Was ‘Perfect Match’ Filmed? One Contestant Allegedly Signed Up for the Show While Dating Someone

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When Was ‘Perfect Match’ Filmed? One Contestant Allegedly Signed Up for the Show While Dating Someone

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The newest reality dating series from Netflix — Perfect Match — sends various singles from other reality shows to a beautiful island oasis with one task at hand: Find your perfect match. Or, as some contestants seem to be doing, find someone you can at least fake it with for the sake of advancing in the competition

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Contestants include Chloe Veitch and Francesca Farago from Too Hot to Handle Season 1; Damian Powers from Love Is Blind Season 1; Savannah Palacio and Mitchell Eason from The Circle Season 2; and more.

But it has recently come to our attention that not all of these sexy singles were completely unattached going into the show. Keep reading as we discuss when Perfect Match was filmed and how the show’s casting may have interfered with one contestant’s romantic relationship.

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According to an Instagram Story from Love Is Blind Season 3 star Bartise Bowden (per My Imperfect Life), Perfect Match began filming in March 2022. We can consider this a rough estimate as some contestants started filming for the show before Bartise, who arrived later on. And as we previously reported, Perfect Match was filmed in Panama City.

But before the show could start filming, there were casting calls. Love Is Blind Season 2 star Natalie Lee — who was approached for the show, but declined — wrote in an Instagram Story that the show’s casting began in November 2021. Why is this important? Well, at that time, she and LIB co-star Shayne Jansen, a current contestant on Perfect Match, were trying to patch things up.

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Source: Netflix

“I knew about the new dating show back in September 2021 because Shayne and I were both approached to apply for it while we were in a relationship (casting didn’t know we were together at the time),” she wrote in an Instagram Story (per People). “We told each other we declined the opportunity, but I later found out he actually didn’t decline and started the casting process in November 2021 without my knowledge at the time, while we were still together.”

Natalie noted that they ended up breaking up that month as a result, but Shayne continued to text her from the set. She also said that when Perfect Match filming wrapped, he asked her to meet up, but she declined his offer and told him she didn’t want to reconcile.

The first eight episodes of Perfect Match are now streaming on Netflix.

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