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Whats Next for Willow and What Exactly Is the Wyrm Anyway?

Whats Next for Willow and What Exactly Is the Wyrm Anyway?

The following article contains SPOILERS for the Willow finale, entitled “Children of the Wyrm”, and for the entire Season 1 arc. Proceed at your own risk.

We might still be waiting for the official word on whether Willow gets the green light for Season 2 but showrunner Jonathan Kasdan is carrying on regardless.

“We’re continuing to work,” he tells Fandom as we chat following the climactic Season 1 finale – a denouement, and indeed season, setting up much for exploration in the future. “You know, these shows take so long to produce. The attitude and the sort of edict that’s come down to me from Lucasfilm is, ‘Proceed young man; keep going’. So, while we certainly haven’t been greenlit in any official way, we also are moving forward every day.”

This will please fans of the legacyquel series that picks up the story from the original 1988 film, created by George Lucas and directed by Ron Howard. Legacyquels — a sequel created years later in which original stars reprise beloved roles and often pass the torch to a younger cast — show no sign of abating. This latest weaves a whole new adventure for OG heroic Nelwyn sorcerer Willow Ufgood (Warwick Davis), legacy character Elora Danan (played by Ellie Bamber in the show but seen only as the baby he must protect in the movie), and a bunch of new characters.

Joanne Whalley’s Sorsha is also back, and while the pandemic put paid to Val Kilmer reprising his role in Season 1 as Madmartigan, the character’s presence is felt throughout via references, end-credits illustrations, and a voice cameo – actually supplied by Whalley and Kilmer’s real-life son, Jack Kilmer. The series remains true to the spirit of the original, while also injecting a contemporary feel, at the same time as expanding the lore around a fantasy flick that’s dear to many.

“Sixteen Candles. Also: Weird Science.” — Fandom community member FishTank wants to see more legacyquels to two classic 1980s films, the second of which did get a spin-off series in the 1990s.

Mapping Beyond ‘Willow’ Season 1

(L-R): Queen Arianna (Talisa Garcia), Sorsha (Joanne Whalley), King Hastur (Derek Horsham) and Graydon (Tony Revolori) in Lucasfilm’s Willow exclusively on Disney+.

Given that the Season 1 finale leaves us with several questions, including what’s next for Tony Revolori’s Graydon, it’s a good bet that Kasdan has fairly concrete plans beyond one season. Not only do we see the aspiring magic user pitch up in some apparent alternate dimension — “the dawn of the next age of this world,” according to a crop-haired version of Elora Danan taking advantage of his feelings for her and promising him a place at her side – but we are also left wondering about the mysterious entity that is the Wyrm. Even the fate of Christian Slater’s Allagash, who wasn’t around for long but made a big impact, is left in the balance.

Kasdan says he has “quite a bit” beyond mapped out. “We’ve got a lot of story and a lot of directions we want to go, and my experience of doing the first season is that it evolves as you go. Things fall away, and things grow, and things go in different directions than you expect. But certainly, there’s enormous intention over where we’re headed and what the story could be.”

At the end of the Season 1 finale, we see a hand belonging to a mystery character putting a book — Volume I — back on a bookshelf, alongside Volumes II and III. Could this be a hint that there are two more seasons planned? And could the hand belong to a certain Madmartigan?

“Robocop (Not a big fan but I want to see the classic design again)” — Community member GodzillaLover04 on the movie they’d like to see get the legacyquel treatment, perhaps with Peter Weller reprising the role. The film had two sequels, the second of which was released in 1994 and did not feature Peter Weller. A 2014 remake starred Joel Kinnaman.

More Allagash

Allagash (Christian Slater) in Lucasfilm’s Willow exclusively on Disney+.

Let’s address Allagash first, since we’ve got Christian Slater on standby to consult. The character cropped up in Episode 6, and quickly became a fan-favourite. Imprisoned for ten years by trolls in a cage, we learn that Allagash was a friend and fellow adventurer of Madmartigan’s and allowed himself to be caught in order to save his friend’s skin by pretending to be him.

We see him at the end of the episode hanging back to fight trolls while the rest of the group escapes. As the camera cuts away, we see him pretty much overwhelmed – but, crucially, we don’t see precisely what happens to him.

“I know exactly what happens,” says Slater. “Jon and I, we talked about it. We didn’t want to be presumptuous while we were filming it. But we definitely know exactly what happened.”

Okay, so Christian Slater isn’t going to spoil anything but Kasdan hints alongside his words that there’s more to come from Allagash when asked if there’s scope to bring him back for Season 2.

“Absolutely,” says Kasdan. “I think if you don’t see someone’s head get physically removed from their body in the Lucasfilm universe, they’re probably still alive. And with Allagash, there is a very clear intention to not see what happens to him, so that that opportunity exists. Because he’s such a fun character, and he’s such a fun connection to Val’s legacy. I thought he so inhabited that role the way we hoped he would as sort of a spiritual brother to Madmartigan. It seems like it would be a real shame to not see him again.”

“Bloodsport” — Community member ShangoShango1679 wants to see a legacyquel to the original classic Van Damme martial arts actioner, presumably one that ignores the straight-to-video sequels that didn’t star the Muscles from Brussels.

A Kilmer-Slater True Romance Reunion

Put ’em up: Allagash (Christian Slater) has his heart in the right place.

So what would Slater want to explore with the character going forward?

“I think that there certainly is more to explore with the character,” he begins. “I think he’s a fun character. I think he was always nuts. Madmartigan would have [definitely] hung out with a guy like Allagash, and they both would have gotten into a lot of trouble together. And Allagash being locked in a crow’s cage for ten years probably did a lot of other things to his brain. It’s fun to play that kind of character, somebody who’s sort of unpredictable; you’re not really sure

Willow and The Wyrm – What is the Story?

Willow and the Wyrm is an exciting fantasy novel that tells the story of Willow, a young girl with magical powers looking for her place in the world. In the book, Willow teams up with a mysterious creature called the Wyrm and together they embark on a journey of discovery, battle epic monsters, and try to save the world from a dark, powerful force.

The story takes place in a magical kingdom called Karuna. A mysterious force known only as the Wyrm is slowly corrupting the kingdom and the surrounding lands. Willow is the only one with the power to stop it, but she must first learn to master her magical abilities and unlock the secrets of the Wyrm. Along the way, she meets a variety of interesting characters who help her on her quest.

What’s Next for Willow and the Wyrm?

The story of Willow and the Wyrm is ongoing, with the book being just the beginning. The author has hinted at plans for a sequel and more work in the genre. It’s unclear how future books will involve the Wyrm, but we can be sure that Willow and her allies will continue their fight against the corruption of Karuna and its environs. We can also expect more great adventures and powerful enemies to overcome.

Frequently Asked Questions About Willow and the Wyrm

What exactly is the Wyrm?

The Wyrm is a powerful force that has been slowly corrupting Karuna and the surrounding lands. It is described as an ancient and mysterious creature. Its exact nature is unknown, but it is clear that it is a powerful force that needs to be stopped.

What are Willow’s magical abilities?

Willow is a powerful magical being with a variety of abilities. These include the ability to manipulate the elements and call upon nature for assistance. She can also sense the presence of danger and has a talent for making powerful magic potions.

What other characters appear in the story?

The story of Willow and the Wyrm features a variety of interesting characters. These include:

  • Virey, a powerful wizard and ally of Willow
  • Jethro, an adventurous traveler
  • Aedon, an ancient dragon who lives in the mountain
  • Gavalda, a strange creature who helps the heroes on their quest
  • Anya, a mysterious creature with a hidden agenda

Will there be a sequel?

The author has hinted at plans for a sequel, but no official announcement has been made yet.

Summary of Willow and the Wyrm

Willow and the Wyrm is an exciting fantasy novel that tells the story of Willow, a young girl with magical powers who must battle a mysterious corrupting force known as the Wyrm. Along the way, she teams up with a variety of interesting characters to save the kingdom of Karuna. The book is just the beginning of the story and the author has hinted at plans for a sequel and future works in the same genre.

With the help of her allies, Willow will continue to fight against the corruption of Karuna and unlock the secrets of the Wyrm in order to save the kingdom and the world. Readers can look forward to more great adventures and powerful enemies to overcome in future stories.

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