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What is the Moon Phase Soulmate test and how to do it as TikTok trend goes viral

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What is the Moon Phase Soulmate test and how to do it as TikTok trend goes viral

What is the Moon Phase Soulmate test and how to do it as TikTok trend goes viral
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TikTok, a popular social media site known for its viral trends, has started a new one called the Moon Phase Soulmate trend test

Based on the phase of the moon on the day they were born, this trend is a fun and creative way for people to think about the idea of soulmates.

The trend is to look at the phases of the moon on the day you were born and the day your partner was born to see if you are “soulmates.” The idea is that if the phases add up to a full moon, it means that two people get along very well.

If you see this, you have to do it!

“apparently if your moon phase match up, you’re soulmate”

me and renjun T-T

— shaz //???? (@hellopillow0_O) March 8, 2023

Even though the idea sounds crazy, it’s getting more and more popular on TikTok, where people are making videos to show what they’ve done.

How to participate in Moon Phase Soulmate?

To join the trend, you must first find out what the moon was doing on the day you were born. There are a lot of tools you can use online to help you do this. Once you know what you need to know, take a screenshot of the moon phase and crop it to fit your needs.

on tiktok there’s a soulmate trend where you find out what moon phase you were born on — and hypothetically, your soulmate should complete your moon to make a full one ???? i did it with claude and byleth on their specific years and bdays!! they’re soulmates your honor

— bianca ???????? (@claudeycore) March 5, 2023

Next in Moon Phase Soulmate, you need to do the same thing with your partner’s date of birth, making sure to crop the moon phase to match the first picture.

Then, you need to get the CapCut app and find a video on TikTok that is part of the soulmate trend and uses the CapCut template. Tap “CapCut Give this template a try.”

Choose “use the template in CapCut.” Choose the two moon phase images from your picture gallery, preview the video, and change the text to include your and your partner’s birthdays. Lastly, click “Add sound in TikTok” to export your creation and show it off to your audience.

Moon Phase Soulmate has no scientific evidence

Even though this is a fun way to explore the idea of soulmates and a fun trend, there is no scientific evidence that the phases of the moon have any effect on compatibility. So, the results are only good for making people laugh.

Even so, the trend has caught on on TikTok, where people share their Moon Phase Soulmate videos and encourage others to join in. A lot of people have found this trend to be funny and a way to meet new people online.

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