What Did Awkwafina Say about Her Love Life and Long-Term Boyfriend?

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What Did Awkwafina Say about Her Love Life and Long-Term Boyfriend?

Awkwafina, a talented actress and comedian, has triumphantly established herself in Hollywood. Along with her notable achievements, many people wonder if she is dating or has a boyfriend.

From creating her name on a digital platform to establishing herself as an acclaimed actress, Awkwafina, born as Norma Lum on June 2, 1988, has yet to stop building her legacy in show business.

Many of Awkwafina’s fans enjoy watching her gregarious personality on and off the screen, but when it comes to dating and relationships, they can’t help but be curious if she has a special someone in her life.

Awkwafina attends the Gold House special screening of Marvel Studios'

Awkwafina attends the Gold House special screening of Marvel Studios’ “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings” at Regal Union Square on August 30, 2021, in New York City. | Source: Getty Images

In 2012, Awkwafina gained fame on YouTube thanks to her viral hit “My Vag.” Since then, she has continued to shine as a multi-talented artist known for her acting, rapping, and comedic abilities.

She made her mark on the silver screen with her breakout role in the highly-praised movie “Crazy Rich Asians,” sharing screen space with Henry Golding, Constance Wu, and Michelle Yeoh.

Awkwafina’s remarkable performances in films such as “Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising,” and “Ocean’s 8” further cemented her position as a rising star in Hollywood.

She made history as the first Asian American to win the 2020 Golden Globe Award for Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture, Musical or Comedy for her role in “The Farewell.”

Awkwafina Says She Never Fit into the ‘Ideal Girlfriend’ Mold

Awkwafina said she never felt like a conventional girl and was excluded from a clique of “cool” Asian kids in her neighborhood. She found solace in her love for the color red and her unusual hobby of yelling at pigeons.

As she grew up, she became aware of society’s expectations for an “ideal girlfriend” and recognized that she didn’t fit that mold. In college, she observed that all her friends were in relationships, which pressured her to find a boyfriend and prove something to herself.

Due to her unconventional and unique personality, she said she was unsure if she could settle down and become the type of woman who could start a family.

Even though her last date wasn’t perfect, Awkwafina was able to start a new romantic relationship.

Awkwafina Had a Boyfriend in College, but Not for Long

Awkwafina briefly entered the dating scene and, with the help of her friends, searched until she found a gentleman who met her standards. On a blind date, she met a guy who fit all her preferences: he was 5’2″ and worked as a photographer.

The guy showed a physique similar to that of a graphic designer and was interested in the Criterion Collection. However, it didn’t take long for the actress to discover that the guy had an unappealing personality.

During their date at a café, the guy ordered only a plate of well-done steak for both of them, but Awkwafina disliked it. Another part of the guy that she found unappealing was his “hyper-intellectualism.”

Despite engaging in intellectual and serious conversations with the guy, she found the topics uninteresting and tried to pretend otherwise. Matters only worsened when he declined to watch her preferred movie.

The guy had already met Awkwafina’s friends, and when they all got together, Awkwafina started acting like herself, which the man didn’t like. This ended their relationship, and they both ghosted each other after that.

Awkwafina Has a Long-Term Boyfriend but Doesn’t Want Him in the Public Eye

Even though her last date wasn’t perfect, Awkwafina was able to start a new romantic relationship. She disclosed in 2018 that she was already in a relationship with her long-term boyfriend. She said:

“I’m extremely happy. I’m in love.”

Instead of publicly sharing her boyfriend’s name, Awkwafina has opted to maintain privacy about her love life. She explained that while she is extremely candid about some aspects of her life, she also sets boundaries to protect the privacy of her loved ones.

Instead of sharing about her boyfriend on social media, she has chosen to share adorable photos of her rescue dog Haeng-Un Lum, who was rescued from a puppy mill in South Korea.

Despite the lack of information on Awkwafina’s boyfriend, it appears she has found her ideal match. Meanwhile, her fans eagerly await, hoping she one day decides to introduce him to the rest of the world.

Keeping their loved ones out of the public eye has become a trend in Hollywood. Zendaya and Tom Holland, Joe Alwyn and Taylor Swift are other celebrities who keep their love lives private.

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