Watch: Myrtle Beach Skywheel Couple Video

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Myrtle Beach Skywheel Couple: Two people have been charged for shooting pornographic material in Myrtle Beach. SkyWheel has entered a guilty plea to the charge of indecent exposure.


Watch: Myrtle Beach Skywheel Couple Video

According to the 15th Circuit Solicitor’s Office, a couple who was accused of shooting porn on the Myrtle Beach SkyWheel pled guilty to indecent exposure on Thursday. The incident occurred on the observation wheel.

Watch: Myrtle Beach Skywheel Couple Video

According to the information provided by the Solicitor’s Office, the Honorable Circuit Court Judge R. Ferrell Cothran sentenced Eric and Lori Harmon to three years in prison with the possibility of having those sentences suspended if they successfully complete two years of concurrent probation. In addition, the pair is required to make a reparation payment of $1,000.

If the pair violates the terms of their probation, they risk serving time in jail.

Both Eric and Lori Harmon have entered guilty pleas to two charges of indecent exposure respectively. During the course of their investigation, the police claim to have seen footage showing the two engaging in sexual activity in a public setting. On January 12, the Myrtle Beach Police Department launched an investigation following allegations of indecent exposure and said that they discovered the tapes.

On one of the videos, the pair can be seen engaging in sexual activity while riding the Skywheel attraction on North Ocean Boulevard in a glass-enclosed gondola in full view of the general public. The event took place on or around the 2nd of January. A second video shows the couple engaging in sexual activity in a community pool in the Surfside Beach section of Horry County. During the course of the video, Lori Harmon can be seen exposing herself while perched atop a vending machine, as well as engaging in other inappropriate behavior, according to the police.

Additionally, it was alleged that the pair engaged in sexual activity in the parking lot of a Food Lion and on a bench close to Floral Lake Playground. Another allegation against Lori Harmon is that she filmed herself urinating at Floral Lake Playground as well as at a baseball field.



A man and a woman who previously admitted their involvement in a sexual act on the Myrtle Beach SkyWheel face new charges


Watch: Myrtle Beach Skywheel Couple Video
Watch: Myrtle Beach Skywheel Couple Video

GARDEN CITY — After being accused of conducting similar activities throughout Garden City, a South Carolina couple who are currently on probation for exposing themselves on the Myrtle Beach SkyWheel earlier this year might be heading to jail as a result of the new allegations.

Both Eric Harmon, 37, of Garden City Beach, and Lori Harmon, 36, of Lexington were taken into custody by Horry County Police on September 22. They were charged with indecent exposure and involvement in the fabrication of obscene material, both of which are forbidden activities.

On July 27, Lori Harmon is accused of sitting on the front porch of a property in Garden City while she was totally exposed to the elements. According to the arrest warrants, she is also suspected of participating in sexual actions on film that defendant Eric Harmon is accused of uploading on Twitter. The video in question reportedly contains sexual acts.

A police report stated that on August 5, officers were called to the sales office of Oceanside Village, where they were given a USB drive containing several different incidents, as well as photographs of the defendants allegedly “exhibiting sexual acts in the public view” that were taken from various social media platforms. The photographs were included in the police report.

Watch: Myrtle Beach Skywheel Couple Video

Five days later, the Harmons were accused of engaging in sexual activity inside a picture booth at the Garden City Pavilion Arcade. The allegations surrounded the couple’s performance of a sex act.

According to the court documents, the most recent claims surfaced after the Harmons both entered guilty pleas in April to two counts of indecent exposure for engaging in sexual activity on the SkyWheel and in a pool located in a suburb of Surfside Beach.

At that time, Judge Ferrell Cochran gave the couple a sentence of three years in jail with the condition that it would be suspended if they served two years of probation. In addition to that, the pair were ordered to make reparations in the amount of $1,000.

In April, Cothran warned the pair that they risked going to jail if they committed any violations of the terms of their probation.

According to the J. Reuben Long Detention Center, the pair was each given a bail of $2,000 and allowed to go free on the same day that they were detained after their most recent arrest on September 22.

On September 23, attempts to contact the Harmons and their attorney were unsuccessful; nonetheless, Lori Harmon published a post on Facebook in which she vented her frustrations over “a snake” who had compiled tapes of them and sent the evidence to the police.

She said that the group was “working through this the best that we can.” “We are in need of continued prayers and support at this time.”


Watch The Full Video of the Couple Filming an Adult Film on Myrtle Beach Skywheel

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