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Watch Ecuadorian model is accused of promoting child pornography

Watch Ecuadorian model is accused of promoting child pornography

Watch Ecuadorian model is accused of promoting child pornography

They associate her with young students to whom she offered sweets so that they would touch their breasts and promote child pornography. Internet photo.

After four (4) raids carried out by the Ecuadorian Prosecutor’s Office and police officers, they apprehended the adult content model, Luisa Espinoza, three (3) men and seized approximately ten thousand videos, with explicit images of girls, children and adolescents in intimate relationships.

#ATENCIÓN | #Guayas: 3 detenidos deja operativo ejecutado por #FiscalíaEc y @PoliciaEcuador en #Guayaquil y #Daule, relacionado a una investigación por pornografía infantil. Se les formularán cargos en las próximas horas. #FiscalíaConLasVíctimas pic.twitter.com/wYUA2hPvbZ

— Fiscalía Ecuador (@FiscaliaEcuador) February 28, 2023

According to what was reported by the local press, Espinoza is 26 years old, is a creator of adult content on “OnlyFans”, while the authorities have been investigating her since December of last year for relating her to young students whom She offered them sweets so they could touch her breasts and private parts. “That is, for promoting child pornography.”

The model was born in the city of Guayaquil. “Her recognition of her is due to her various publications on her social networks about her lifestyle, her fashion, and some photographs that have caused her to gain popularity, reported www.todayleaekd.com.

The action carried out by the Ecuadorian Prosecutor’s Office was called Child Protection III, whose officials had been following Luisa, after having published a video on social networks, “which would lead to the crime for which she could face more than 10 years in prison . ” .

Luisa Espinoza, quien en diciembre pasado subió un video dejando tocar sus senos a estudiantes menores de edad, junto con 3 “influencers” más, fueron detenidos como sospechosos de formar parte de una red de pornografía infantil. Espera de la formulación de cargos @24HorasGYE pic.twitter.com/v8Jd6bdGcV

— Luis Antonio Ruiz (@luisantonio_r) February 28, 2023

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