Viral Video: Hostler enters an uninvited marriage function to have food, admits to groom

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Viral Video: Hostler enters an uninvited marriage function to have food, admits to groom: Hostler walks into a wedding reception when he was not invited and confesses to the groom that he is there to eat.

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A guest at the wedding overhears another guest asking the groom if he can eat the food. His response has won the affection of internet users

A video that was uploaded to YouTube by MP and is now going viral shows a man being punished for eating food at a wedding without an invitation by being forced to wash dishes.


Many individuals, particularly those who are still in college, entertain the idea of crashing weddings in order to get free meals. The situation is also shown in a number of films, such as the well-known scene from the movie “3 Idiots,” in which the protagonists, Sharman Joshi, Aamir Khan, and R Madhavan, crash a wedding that turns out to be that of their professor’s daughter.

However, this kind of behavior does not result in a beneficial conclusion in real life, as seen by a video from Madhya Pradesh that has gained widespread attention and shows a guy being punished by being forced to wash dishes after being apprehended. On the other hand, another video that is getting a lot of attention shows a guy chatting to the groom after he disrupted a wedding. This video is also getting a lot of attention. According to reports, the video was shot in Bihar.

Viral Video: Hostler enters an uninvited marriage function to have food

“I am honored to be a guest at your wedding. I am not even aware of your name or where you live. I was feeling hungry and because I reside in a hostel, I decided to come here to eat. “Do you have any problem?” the guy questioned the groom. “I’m getting married.” The groom responded by saying that he didn’t have any issues and even told him that he may bring food along with him for his roommates at the hostel. IAS officer Awanish Sharan uploaded the video on Twitter and shared it with others.

Watch the video clip below here:

One user commented in Hindi, “In Bihar, 200 people come, then the food is prepared for 300-350 people, the children of nearby villages and hamlets all come without invitation, and eat comfortably and go, everyone knows but no one bothers, even if Our state is poor, but we are rich at heart,” which translates to “In Bihar, 200 people come, then the food is prepared for 300-350 people.”

Another one of the commenters commented, “The culture of Bihar, respect from the very bottom of my heart.” “This is a wonderful gesture, but it shouldn’t be pushed since… Keep in mind that this is not an act of charity, nor are those students living on the streets… It’s okay if just a few people come, otherwise, it’s not cool.. and sometimes they get to indulge in fights with other guests as well,” said a third. Plates aren’t free either.

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