Viral Video: Aizawl Traffic Moves Seamlessly, Internet Surprised

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Viral Video: Aizawl Traffic Moves Seamlessly, Internet Surprised: Congestion on the nation’s roads is one of the most pressing issues facing the nation today.

Commuters may be observed managing lane flow on their own, despite the fact that there are no lane markers or blocks present.

The lack of parking sites, the congestion on the roads, and the poor condition of the pathways are only few of the reasons behind this. Cities in India such as Bengaluru and Mumbai have gained a global reputation for having poor road management and heavy traffic congestion as a result. However, one city in India is receiving plaudits from a significant number of internet users for its effective management of traffic.

Elizabeth, a user of the internet, posted the video on Instagram and shared it with her followers. A video of the traffic in the city of Aizawl shows automobiles stopped on the right side of the road while other cars are seen traveling behind one other without honking or passing each other. There is a distinct lane for motorists located next to the parking spaces for automobiles. It should also be brought to your attention that almost all riders on the two-wheelers are protecting their heads with helmets. Commuters may be observed managing lane flow on their own, despite the fact that there are no lane markers or blocks present. Aizawl is referred as the “only silent city.” in the text super that appears over the film.

The video was annotated with the remark, “It is likely that you are aware of how severe the traffic jams can get if you either reside in India or have been to any of the cities in India. Everyone is acting in their own self-interest by attempting to get ahead of the pack, even though there is literally no place left on the road. And that’s without even mentioning the relentless blaring of horns when it’s patently evident that all we have to do is sit there and be silent for a moment. (Don’t get me wrong—I have nothing but love for my nation, but this is an issue that has to be resolved. And we are the ones who have to start it all).”



She went on to say, “But nobody honks or makes any other noise as they wait patiently for their own turn in Aizawl. Something to implement in each and every city in India?”

The video was uploaded on November 24th, and in the time since it has been shared, it has received in excess of five million views and 200,000 likes.

A great number of customers were astonished to observe the well-organized flow of traffic.

Someone made the following remark: “Because of Aizwal, we will all be able to confidently respond that not where it is crazy the next time someone says that the traffic in India is crazy. Kudos folks!!”

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“I am simply telling you NORTHEASTERN INDIA PEOPLE HAS THE MOST ETIQUETTES !!! I’ve been there, and I have to say that at this point, we can most certainly agree!!! There is also POLICE work being done by their police!! “said a user.


A third individual stated, “They feel embarrassed and guilty if they break the rules of it because just because they’re in a hurry, they can’t risk endangering someone else’s safety. This is exactly why Mizoram has such good traffic rules and why everyone follows them. So safety first….. Whole India should learn and make rules like this maybe not now but for betterment has too…. And I’m happy about my neighboring state’s progress.”

A comment was made by a fourth individual that included the phrase, “Fun fact: Driving like this makes you enjoy driving more,”

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