Van Nuys Middle School Overdoses

Van Nuys Middle School Overdoses: Van Nuys Middle School had 10 pupils hospitalized for probable cannabis overdose.


LOS ANGELES – At a San Fernando Valley middle school, ten children were treated for what may have been an overdose.

Nearly a dozen pupils at Van Nuys Middle School in Los Angeles called 911 on Thursday morning about a “suspected overdose” and paramedics arrived on the scene just before 11:30 a.m.

On-scene fire authorities informed media that they do not suspect a fentanyl overdose and instead suspect a cannabis overdose.

“One theory is that it was a cannabis edible.

Van Nuys Middle School Overdoses

Their eyes were a bit glazed over, and they seemed sluggish “Someone from the government agency said.

There were 12–15-year-olds among the pupils.

The Los Angeles Unified School District claimed that some parents had been on campus to pick up and check on their children, but that classes will continue as scheduled.

While many kids and parents were kept in the dark about the situation at school, several children informed FOX 11 that the school had told them they were performing a mock lockdown.

Since there have been recent reports of children abusing fentanyl, the district has given all LAUSD campuses with the anti-overdose therapy Narcan. However, the administration reported that none of the pupils involved in the incident received the treatment.


According to a press statement issued by the Los Angeles Fire Department, ten adolescents between the ages of 12 and 15 were discovered at the school and were “in mild-to-moderate distress,” Three pupils were treated and discharged at the spot while six were sent to nearby hospitals.

Van Nuys Middle School Overdoses
Van Nuys Middle School Overdoses

A spokesman with the LAFD informed NBC Los Angeles that “edible cannabis products,” may have been involved in the overdoses, however the department’s official announcement merely says that fentanyl was not involved.

The fire department said it conducted a check of the remainder of the school to ensure that there were no additional injured pupils who had yet to be located.


“Today, we were made aware of a group of students who suffered a medical incident at our school,” a representative for the Los Angeles Unified School District stated in a statement to PEOPLE. We sought medical attention out of an excess of caution.

The representative said that they are unable to comment on what drug the pupils ingested since it “is still under investigation.” Additionally, they claimed that a preliminary assessment revealed that no pupils had been given the opioid overdose treatment Narcan.

In addition, the representative emphasized how seriously the school takes its kids’ health and safety. Students who are ill or in need of help are always urged to contact school personnel.

Christopher Angel, a 12-year-old pupil, told the Los Angeles Times that he and other students had used edibles.

Only three students in his class were drugged, he told the Times. “They were acting weird, tired, high.”

Van Nuys Middle School Overdoses
Van Nuys Middle School Overdoses

Only people over the age of 21 are able to buy cannabis in California, and those between 18 and 21 may do so only with a prescription from a doctor. Cannabis smoking in the presence of minors is also prohibited within a radius of one thousand feet from any school, day care facility, or youth center.

A youngster who consumes even a little quantity of THC (the active component in cannabis edibles) might suffer hazardous symptoms such as vomiting, disorientation, and trouble breathing, as reported by Poison Control.

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