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Valerie Bertinelli Found Painful 'Texts' Was Called 'Fat' by Beloved Ex – She Speaks on Body Image Struggles

Valerie Bertinelli Found Painful ‘Texts’ Was Called ‘Fat’ by Beloved Ex – She Speaks on Body Image Struggles

  • Valerie Bertinelli posted an emotional video opening up about past trauma.

  • She struggled not to be too harsh on herself about her body image.

  • Valerie has opened a new chapter in her life and is recovering from past relationships.

Child star and Food Network icon Valerie Bertinelli recently opened up about trauma she experienced in the past. She shared how she was mistreated and how she endured emotional abuse from her previous husband, Tom Vitale.

Bertinelli filed for divorce from Vitale in 2022, only a few months after filing for legal separation. She mentioned that the day of the divorce was one of the best days of her life, and she later opened up about emotional abuse in relationships. She spoke frankly about her own situation with Viteli, sharing her thoughts on abuse.

On Wednesday, February 1, 2023, Bertinelli shared a clip on Instagram of herself lip-syncing over an audio clip. In the video, Bertinelli asked herself why she let her ex stay after “finding the texts.” She responds to her own question, saying, “I don’t know.”

She revealed the nature of the “texts,” saying her ex often called her “fat” and criticized her figure.

The clip and the caption stem from Bertinelli finding derogatory texts about her on her ex-husband’s phone. The TV personality opened up about the texts, saying he often wrote demeaning things about her, and even after she found them, she stayed with him. Now, she finally realized it was time to move on.

Valerie Bertinelli Shared Her Pain in Instagram Video

The Instagram video of Bertinelli questioning herself on why she allowed her ex to remain in her life signified a turn for the TV chef. She has opened up about her recovery after separating from and divorcing Vitale. She shared her healing methods, saying she finds therapy extremely helpful.

In January 2022, Bertinelli wrote a book on self-acceptance called “Enough Already: Learning to Love the Way I Am Today.”

She revealed the nature of the “texts,” saying her ex often called her “fat” and criticized her figure. She also mentioned how he would project his own insecurities onto her but admitted she willingly stepped into that role. Now, she has decided to focus on what she needs.

After posting the Instagram video, followers responded with mixed reactions. Many supported her and praised her for standing up for herself and moving on. One user said they thought her ex was nice but realized, “I was really wrong!” Another user remarked, “You need to say out loud what happened and what he did.”

Valerie Bertinelli on Friday, January 24, 2020 | Source: Getty Images

Valerie Bertinelli on Friday, January 24, 2020 | Source: Getty Images

Another user encouraged her to move on and insisted, “you’re better than that.” However, not everyone was as thrilled about her coming to terms with her trauma. Another user commented, “always having problems. Go get help.”

The Actress Opens up about Her Struggle with Her Body

In January 2022, Bertinelli wrote a book on self-acceptance called “Enough Already: Learning to Love the Way I Am Today.” In the book, she chronicles her experiences with body-image struggles over the years. She shared that she would often look at herself and only see the things that bother her.

After separating from Vitale, Bertinelli realized how many feelings she had bottled up.

Valerie Bertinelli on Thursday June 9, 2022 | Source: Getty Images

Valerie Bertinelli on Thursday June 9, 2022 | Source: Getty Images

However, she has started to improve the way she looks at herself. She refrains from judging herself whenever she looks in the mirror or sees herself on TV. After a long series of challenges and heartbreaks, Bertinelli realized she needed to be kinder towards herself. She opened up about her struggle with weight loss:

“I’m looking at myself in the monitor and trying not to judge myself too harshly right now because I know that I’m still holding on to this weight because it’s protecting me right now. Because I’m going through a lot of challenges. A lot of heartbreak. A lot of crazy stuff is going on in my life right now.”

Although she’s eating healthier and refraining from drinking alcohol, she still hasn’t lost weight. Bertinelli theorized that her weight is keeping her safe emotionally, acting as a kind of buffer and comfort through all the traumatic things she has experienced recently.

Bertinelli Has Started a New Chapter in Her Life after Hard Divorce

After separating from Vitale, Bertinelli realized how many feelings she had bottled up. Through therapy and journaling, she has started to recover and move on. She was disheartened by her ex publicly calling her “fat” and “unsuccessful,” but despite that, she is trying to change how she perceives herself. Bertinelli stated she still feels “insecure” and has “a lot of fear that I’m not really doing something worthwhile.”

The TV chef is learning not to put her own insecurities into her personal relationships.

After putting so much effort into building a new life for herself, she realizes she doesn't want to be undermined by other people or old fears. Ultimately, she decided to focus on her self-esteem and open up about her past with Vitale after their divorce. Now that she and Vitale have divorced, Bertinelli is done with subtweeting him and is focusing on herself. She even told Entertainment Tonight that she feels

“I have a bucket list that I have promised myself that I will get it done during this, like, down time where you have a lot of free time. And, so it is interesting, I guess, all good things and I’m looking forward to all the things I get to cross off my bucket list. “

However, for now, the most important thing for Bertinelli is regaining her voice, perspective, and sense of self-love.
means Valerie Bertinelli focuses on reinventing, and bettering herself after her divorce. The actress previously mentioned she is no longer able to be married to “narcissists” following her divorce from Ex-husband Tom Vitale.

Bertinelli is reinventing herself, focusing on taking loving care of herself and her son, the main reason she gave for her marriage to Vitale.

The chef- and actress recently decided to divorce ex-husband Tom Vitale, who she shares her only son, Wolfie with.

Consequently, they amicably decided to split, although they never elaborated on the reasons why. She filed to end their 10-years-old marriage in February last year.

The actress noted she had always done her best to gain her self-confidence and self-acceptance away from her husband.[366]Bertinelli continued:

“I deserved better for myself and I was hurting my son because I was modeling that you stay and not be happy.”[367]VALERIE MADE MARRIAGE DECISION BASED ON HER SON

Although it ended Bertinelli once felt moving on from Vitale released her from a burden. The actress noted during an interview how sad marriages are these days.

The marriage was one mistake for Bertinelli, and she finally got out of the three-year-old marriage. Although she loved Vitale and still does, she decided to walk away instead of staying in a relationship where they were both not happy.

Bertinelli admitted the marriage filled with infidelity, resentment and sadness made marriage a sad event in her life. Although she admitted she loved Vitale and still does, she opted to walk away.


The “Hot in Cleveland” actress noted going through ex-husband, Eddie Van Halen’s death, and the withdrawal of their son, Wolfgang, from college was tough and dark.

However, she worked on her dark days, noting she wishes others who are going through the processes she went through to get better and find peace.

The split Bertinelli noted not for a minute did she regret as she had worked through her unresolved trauma, feeling every emotion, and facing the pain.

The actress noted:

“I will be more than happy to be happily divorced and spend the rest of my life alone. I’ll be happy that way. Well, with my six cats and my dog and my son, and hopefully one day grandchildren.”

The actress shared an inspirational message with female fans going through their divorce. The actress noted their divorce will take time and eventually, they would feel different, enthusiastic, and excited about life.

Many fans go through this process, worrying about her kids, finances, friends, and other acquaintances.

Valerie feels grateful for the ability to reinvent, explore, and find a new light in herself. On Instagram, she shared her health and wellness goals, noting she is teaching herself how to choose what’s healthy over what’s not.[366]Valerie noted:

“I am choosing health every day. Taking better care of myself.”[367]Valerie Bertinelli at Ariana Grande: The Forbes Cover Shoot on May 01, 2022 | Photo: Youtube/E!Red Carpet & Award Shows


Valerie Bertinelli is almost 60-years-old but still looks fantastic, and the actress maintains an excellent lifestyle and makes smart lifestyle choices.[368]The actress also explained she is proud of herself as she had taken her struggle by expecting herself or anyone else to make her love herself or feel emotionally complete. The actress will reinvent herself through her journey of learning how to allow herself to be vulnerable

Valerie at Paramount Pictures Celebrates 90th Anniversary with 90 Stars for 90 Years on April 10, 2022 | Source: Getty Images


The actress and food icon gave some other advice for fans going through their divorce. She said:

“Getting better and finding peace. I have decided to take my time. This divorce will take time, and I will feel different, excited, and enthusiastic about life.[369]”Save some room for me in your heart. Today’s #SaturdayMantra and one I’m going to try to hold through this weekend, work week next week, and the coming holidays.”[370]She assured fans that going through a divorce will take time, and they will experience the difference and can enjoy their body.

Moreover, the actress, who had struggled with her divmore, enjoys fans to save room for her in their hearts, that a mantra for most women facing the same battle with their divorced husbands.” width=”2408″ height=”3611″ loading=”lazy”>

Valerie Bertinelli at MGM Grand Garden Arena on April 03, 2022 in Las Vegas, Nevada | Source: Getty Images

The divorce allowed Bertinelli to explore herself and get to know herself in a new light. The chef mentioned she is working on bettering herself and changing the way she looks at herself. She also assured fans that she is done with narcissists after divorcing one.

Valerie Bertinelli Found Painful 'Texts' Was Called 'Fat' by Beloved Ex – She Speaks on Body Image Struggles

Valerie Bertinelli recently spoke with Women’s Health about her body image struggles. The actress detailed her feelings about being called “fat” in text messages from her beloved ex-husband, Eddie Van Halen. She revealed the impact his words had on her mental health and how she combats the shame she felt in those moments.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What painful texts was Valerie Bertinelli sent by her ex-husband?

    Valerie Bertinelli said her ex-husband, Eddie Van Halen, sent her painful text messages calling her “fat.”

  • How has Valerie Bertinelli’s mental health suffered?

    Valerie Bertinelli said the words her ex-husband said in the texts hurt her tremendously and cause her to spiral into depression.

  • How does Valerie Bertinelli cope with her body image struggles?

    Valerie Bertinelli says her coping mechanism is focusing on her inner strength. She practices positive self-talk, self-care, and meditation, to remain positive and uplift her mental state.


Valerie Bertinelli recently spoke to Women’s Health about her body image struggles. In her interview, she detailed her feelings about being called “fat” in text messages from her beloved ex-husband. Bertinelli credits her coping skills with saving her from spiraling into a negative mental state. She emphasizes the importance of self-talk, self-care and meditation. Through her struggles, Valerie Bertinelli understands that physical appearances are not a reflection of self-worth.Valerie Bertinelli

What effect did Valerie Bertinelli’s experiences have on her body image?

Valerie Bertinelli’s experiences had a profound effect on her body image. Before her successes in Hollywood, Valerie struggled with an eating disorder and years of negative body image. Seeing herself in the media only made these issues worse for her. In recent years, she has been open about her struggles and has spoken extensively about her journey to accepting her body and self. She has also been very enthusiastic in her work to inspire and empower other women to also find freedom from negative body images.

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