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Tom Cavanagh Is Set to Reprise His Guest Role in 'Blue Bloods' — Details on His Return

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Tom Cavanagh Is Set to Reprise His Guest Role in ‘Blue Bloods’ — Details on His Return

Tom Cavanagh in 2022

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Tom Cavanagh Is Set to Reprise His Guest Role in ‘Blue Bloods’ — Details on His Return

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For a long-running police procedural drama like Blue Bloods, guest actors tend to make the rounds. The series follows the Reagan family, mostly composed of members of law enforcement. There’s assistant district attorney Erin (Bridget Moynahan), police officer Jamie (Will Estes), Commissioners Henry (Len Cariou) and Frank (Tom Sellick), and Detective Danny (Donnie Wahlberg), each of whom operate in different positions of the U.S. legal system.

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With over 13 seasons and counting, the lore of Blue Bloods has expanded greatly as it explores different aspects of each Reagan’s work and personal life. To that end, many guest stars portray different characters with unique relations to the Reagans.

In tonight’s new episode, Tom Cavanagh (The Flash) makes a return to the series after 10 years, reprising his role from all the way back in Season 4. Read on for the details of his return.

(l-r) Mickey Patrick and Detective Danny Reagan

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Tom Cavanagh first appeared in Blue Bloods in Season 4, Episode 11, “Ties That Bind.” He portrayed Michael “Mickey” Patrick, a childhood friend of Danny’s who returns to the New York area to visit. As children, Mickey often got Danny into trouble, prompting Frank and Henry to put some distance between them.

With his return, Mickey proved that old habits die hard after Danny learned about his connections to a Florida-based crime family. Though Danny is able to help him out of his situation, their relationship becomes strained.

That’s the last we heard of him for more than 10 years. When last Mickey and Danny spoke, Danny urged him to go on the straight-and-narrow in order to keep himself safe.

In Season 13, we’ll get to see exactly how that played out over the past decade. CBS recently confirmed that in tonight’s episode, “The Big Leagues,” Mickey approaches Danny once more as he attempts to search for his missing fiancé.

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Meanwhile, Erin goes on one more stakeout before running for DA, Jamie catches a former officer committing a crime for just causes, and Frank deals with a salacious murder confession.

Past traumas and future career moves are at the forefront for the Reagans moving forward. New episodes of Blue Bloods premiere Fridays at 10 p.m. EST on CBS.

Tom Cavanagh Set To Reprise His Guest Role in ‘Blue Bloods’ — Details on His Return

Canadian actor Tom Cavanagh is set to reprise his long-running guest role on the CBS hit show Blue Bloods, adding to the show’s the beloved cast of characters.

Tom Cavanagh’s Character on Blue Bloods

Tom Cavanagh is playing a pivotal role on Blue Bloods , one of the elite members of the NYPD. He portrays Detective Michael “Mike” Festa, a career criminal and father of a young girl, who is found working for New York City drug kingpin Artie Navarro.

Cavanagh’s character has a complicated past, with a history of violence and deception that has lead him to the brink of redemption. He is constantly trying to atone for his mistakes and find a way out of the criminal underworld he’s been stuck in for years.

Frequently Asked Questions about Tom Cavanagh’s Return

  • When is Tom Cavanagh’s character returning to Blue Bloods? Tom Cavanagh’s character will be returning to the show in season 11.
  • What is Tom Cavanagh’s character like on Blue Bloods? Tom Cavanagh’s character is a successful, yet dangerous career criminal who is trying to atone for his mistakes and find a way out of the criminal underworld.
  • How long has Tom Cavanagh been a part of Blue Bloods? Tom Cavanagh has been a part of Blue Bloods since season 7, appearing as a guest star in multiple episodes.


Tom Cavanagh is back on our screens, returning as a guest star on CBS’s hit show Blue Bloods. He plays Detective Michael “Mike” Festa, a career criminal and father of a young daughter, who is attempting to redeem himself for his past. Tom Cavanagh has been on the show since season 7, and will be gracing us with his presence in season 11. Tom Cavanagh brings a unique presence to the show, and fans are sure to enjoy his presence in the coming season.Cavanagh Bloods

What other TV shows has Tom Cavanagh been in?

Tom Cavanagh has appeared in many TV shows including Scrubs, Love Monkey, Ed, Royal Pains, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, The Flash, The Boys, Warehouse 13, Sliders, Providence, The Single Guy, Student Bodies, and Raising the Bar.

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