This 'Last Chance Kitchen' Winner Is One Step Closer to Coming Back to 'Top Chef' Season 20

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This ‘Last Chance Kitchen’ Winner Is One Step Closer to Coming Back to ‘Top Chef’ Season 20

Gail Simmons and Tom Colicchio

Source: Bravo

This ‘Last Chance Kitchen’ Winner Is One Step Closer to Coming Back to ‘Top Chef’ Season 20

Anna Quintana - Author

On this season of Top Chef: World All-Stars, the contestants are the best of the best.

Featuring chefs from all over the world, including France, Brazil, and Thailand, most of the contestants have never been eliminated from Top Chef … until now.

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However, lucky for them, they have a chance for redemption in Last Chance Kitchen with Tom Colicchio. You can watch the eliminated chefs face off for a chance to re-enter the competition on BravoTV.com or you can read our recap below, which we will update weekly with the latest winner.

The first battle in ‘Last Chance Kitchen’ was between Chef Samuel Albert and Chef Dawn Burrell.

last chance kitchen dawn samuel

Source: Stephanie Diani;Bravo

Facing off in Last Chance Kitchen is Top Chef France winner Samuel Albert, who was the first chef eliminated in Season 20, and Chef Dawn Burrell, who was a runner-up in Season 18 of Top Chef USA.

For the first challenge, Samuel and Dawn were asked to use ingredients from their most memorable finale dishes to make a completely new dish.

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As a reminder, chefs only have 30 minutes in Last Chance Kitchen to prepare a dish, which means the pressure is on and there is no prep time.

So far, three contestants have returned to Top Chef from Last Chance Kitchen and won the competition. They are Kristen Kish, Brooke Williamson, and Joe Flamm.

So, who is the current winner in ‘Last Chance Kitchen?’

dawn last chance kitchen

Source: Bravo

As of March 23, Dawn is the one to beat in Last Chance Kitchen. Her pan-roasted lamb with shito, a Ghanaian condiment of chiles and dried seafood, beat out Samuel’s Japanese French fusion salmon creation, putting her over the edge.

According to Tom, Samuel’s dish was lacking season and missing Japanese flavors while Dawn’s dish had “a lot of flavor in a very short time.”

Who will she face next? Only time will tell.

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