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These Were The Biggest Trends In 2013, But I’m Wondering If You Still Like Them In 2023

Get ready to feel old REAL QUICK, because I regret to inform you that it’s been 10 years (!!!) since 2013. That’s an entire decade. So in celebration of that iconic year, I want to see how you feel about the biggest trends of that time. Ready? Let’s go!

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The Biggest Trends of 2013 andWhat’s in Store for 2023

It’s been a decade since 2013, and the world is turning into an ever changing and increasingly virtual landscape. With technological advances, fashion, foods and everything else evolving, one of the questions is, what were the biggest trends in 2013, and will they still be relevant for 2023?

Fashion Trends of 2013

One of the significant shifts in 2013 was in the realm of fashion. People started to favor ’70s trends with colorful ties, pleats and flares, leather jeans and bomber jackets. Printed shirts, with floral designs, were also gaining popularity. Complete with a pair of oxfords, high shoes and colorful t-shirts, it was the perfect trendy look.

Food Trends of 2013

There have been many big changes to the kind of food available throughout the world. In 2013, there was a lot of talk about the flexitarian diet. This is a flexitarian lifestyle that focuses on plant-based meals, by reducing the consumption of animal products, but not eliminating them altogether. Additionally, the organic food movement gained a significant amount of attention.

Tech Trends of 2013

Social media also took off in 2013, and some of the platforms that were launched in this year like Vine, were all the rage. Not to mention, fitness trackers and fitness tech were some of the biggest trends of the year. Smartphones, too, became much more accessible to the mass population, which made it easy for people to communicate with one another and stay connected, regardless of their location.

Will the Trends of 2013 Still be Relevant in 2023?

Although trends come and go, and it can be difficult to predict what will be in and out in the near future, it is likely that the trends of 2013 will still be relevant in 2023. The fashion trends are cyclical and make their way back into the spotlight. After all, the ’70s trend of 2013 is still a huge trend even now, in 2020. The flexitarian diet is also gaining a lot of attention and it is likely that this trend will continue to stay relevant in the upcoming years. Further, tech and social media are unlikely to go away as technology advances and improves, and more people are getting connected.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What were the biggest trends in 2013?

The biggest trends in 2013 included 70s-inspired fashion like ties, pleats, leather jeans and bomber jackets, printed shirts with floral designs, and the flexitarian diet. Social media platforms such as Vine and fitness trackers also gained popularity in 2013.

Will the trends of 2013 still be relevant in 2023?

It is likely that the trends of 2013 will still be relevant in 2023 as fashion is cyclical and trends tend to make their way back into the spotlight. The flexitarian diet is still gaining attention and is likely to remain relevant, and technology and social media are unlikely to go away.

What was the organic food movement in 2013?

In 2013, organic food started to gain significant attention. Organic food is produced without the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and growth hormones. This type of food is believed to be higher in nutrients and free from toxins, making it a healthier and more natural option for consumers.


Trends from 2013 are still influencing fashion, diet, and technology in 2020, making them likely to stay relevant in the upcoming years. As technology advances and more people stay connected, it could be safe to say that many trends from 2013 will still be relevant in 2023. The 70s-inspired trend, the flexitarian diet and the organic food movement, and the increase in popularity of social media and fitness trackers will all likely remain relevant in the upcoming years.

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