There's More Than One California Roll on 'The Masked Singer' — Who Could They Be?

There’s More Than One California Roll on ‘The Masked Singer’ — Who Could They Be?

California Roll on'The Masked Singer'

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Season 9 of The Masked Singer is going strong as Week 3 approaches. The popular guessing game singing competition features a whole new list of celebrities performing their hearts out while wearing costumes that range from elaborate to ridiculous to downright unsettling. This season features more unmaskings and new themed nights for each episode.

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This week, singers will compete in “New York Night,” where performances will center on the Empire State and the City that Never Sleeps. Week 3 also marks the debut of new contestants, including California Roll. Fans of the show are already rather perturbed by this costume with its creepy faces made from sushi filling, but curiosity triumphs over all when it comes to The Masked Singer.

Who could they be? There’s not much to go on, but we still have some interesting hints.

California Rolls

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California Roll on ‘The Masked Singer’ — The Clues

Season 9 of The Masked Singer has been incredibly tight-lipped about dropping hints this time around. Typically, the show’s social media platforms will post “Mask-Rays,” which offer at least a few distinct hints as to what celebrity is hiding under the mask.

This time, however, no Mask-Rays have been introduced, leaving folks completely in the dark as to who anyone may be. That being said, there are some things we can glean about California Roll.

Like the sushi itself, California Roll on The Masked Singer comes in a set. A promo for tonight’s episode teases that there are multiple people wearing California Roll costumes on stage. Some people have estimated that 3-5 California Rolls are grouped together.

The show is no stranger to group performances wearing the same costume, so folks have made some educated guesses.

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California Roll on ‘The Masked Singer’ — The Guesses

With musical groups in mind, people have guessed that California Roll must consist of an entire band. Many have guessed that a cappella band Pentatonix could be behind the masks. While they seem to be the most popular guess among people in various comments sections, others have theorized bands like Gorillaz and Big Time Rush.

So, who is California Roll on ‘The Masked Singer’?

As of this writing, California Roll hasn’t been revealed on the show just yet. With their debut performance tonight, fans will have to tune in to see if they advance in the competition or if their sushi wrapping comes undone.

A new episode of The Masked Singer premieres tonight at 8 p.m. ET on Fox.

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