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The Woke Mob Comes for One of the Greatest Athletes of All Time

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Michael Jordan, one of the biggest sports legends of all time and the current owner of the Charlotte Hornets, was recently targeted by the woke mob. Recently, a statement was released by the team that there would be of zero tolerance for hate and racism, with no room for compromise. Though the policy received strong support from other leaders in the sports community, many social justice activists criticized Jordan for not taking a more decisive stand, claiming that he has been too quiet and hasn’t done enough to combat racism and discrimination.

As one of the most recognized figures on the global stage, Jordan has been under an immense amount of pressure to address the issue of racism and discrimination, with many activists showing displeasure with his lack of vocalness on the matter. Jordan has faced criticism from BLM activists and the woke mob, who have blasted him for not doing enough to put his money where his mouth is and making a statement on the issue. Many were especially disappointed when the Hornets’ statement only mentioned measurable results and not any sort of action Jordan would take himself.

The issue has been compounded in recent weeks by an alleged comment Jordan made on a recent golf outing. According to reports, he said “Republicans buy sneakers too”, and this has further stoked the fire of displeasure among many of those who have already been critical of Jordan’s stance.

At the core of the criticism is the belief that, rather than maintaining the status quo, Jordan could – and should – take a more assertive stance, one that would be more in line with the values of the community at large. Jordan has long been a figurehead for the African-American community, and many see this as an opportunity for him to use his power as both a celebrity and an African-American to make a statement that could have far-reaching implications and effect positive change. With BLM, the push to end all types of racism, discrimination, and intolerance, the current protest movement, and the ever-growing state of inequality, many felt they wanted to hear a clear stance and call to action from the man that symbolizes the greatness of basketball, despite his reluctance and reticence.

Jordan’s silence speaking volumes, some were left to wonder if he was actually against BLM and ended up raising questions about his commitment and dedication to eradicating racism once and for all. In a country that is increasingly facing issues of racism, violence, and inequality on a daily basis, the response or lack thereof from one of the greatest athletes of all time is especially poignant and telling.

Jordan is in a unique position to lend his unequivocal support and create some tangible and meaningful change. Despite the criticism, it is now time for him to show his support for a movement that is fighting for social justice and equality for all. This could mean putting his money where his mouth is or creating a set of tangible steps and measurable results to take meaningful action. While his silence has been a source of criticism, it is now time for him to lead by example and show how his influence and power can create lasting and meaningful social changes.…

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