The White Lotus Season 2: Major FINALE Theories About Who Dies, Sex Tapes and More!

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The White Lotus Season 2: Major FINALE Theories About Who Dies, Sex Tapes and More! Couples in conflict, what may be a covert recording of sexual activity, and a mound of dead corpses! We are going to dissect the eleven most popular hypotheses on the conclusion of the second season of ‘The White Lotus’! This Sunday, you can see “The White Lotus” on both HBO and HBO Max.


The White Lotus Season 2: Eleven Unanswered Questions We Demand to Have Resolved in the Series’ Final Episode

Caution: The following post may reveal plot details from the first six episodes of the second season of The White Lotus.

Even though our time at The White Lotus is drawing to a close, we still have a great deal of inquiries for which we have not received satisfactory responses.

In addition to all of the awkward chuckles, HBO’s nasty social satire does a superb job of interweaving a variety of intriguing mysteries throughout the narrative. Some of them are very literally a matter of life and death, while others are simply funny little things for us to think about as we take in the beautiful surroundings of Italy. However, because the conclusion of Season 2 will take place this coming Sunday, the creator of the series, Mike White, has to move quickly in order to tie up a number of loose ends before the credits roll.

In an effort to make the torturous wait until Sunday’s conclusion (9:8c) a little more bearable, we have decided to list all of the unresolved issues that we are still pondering as we go into the last chapter of Season 2. After all, practically every hotel visitor has at least one problem that hasn’t been fixed that’s still bothering them, and we’re working hard to find answers to all of those problems. Read on as we go through some of the most pressing issues that we’re hoping will be resolved in the season finale this coming week, and then let us know in the comments section if there are any significant issues that we’ve overlooked. (Consider it to be our very own private lost and found.)



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