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The story guiding viral online video of boy looking at mother in wedding day gown for 1st time

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Enjoy: The story driving viral video clip of boy looking at mother in wedding costume for 1st time

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You may perhaps have observed this online video of 11-calendar year-old Mekhi Sheffield having emotional looking at his mom in a wedding ceremony gown for the to start with … The Story Behind the Viral Video of a Boy Seeing His Mother in a Wedding Dress for the First Time

The Humble Beginnings

It all started when an amateur photographer and videographer, Dan Oliverio, was asked to film a wedding. Along with the catching the happy couple exchanging vows and celebrating, Dan was also asked to film some other moments between the bride and her son.

Little did Dan know that the video he created of the boy seeing his mother in a wedding dress for the very first time would become a viral sensation and land him a spot on the news.

The Video

  • The video starts with the boy stepping out of the house to greet his mother. He is completely unaware of what his mother is wearing.
  • Once he makes it to the end of the path, his eyes light up in awe as he stops in his tracks and stares at the sight of his mother in her elegant wedding dress.
  • The boy then proceeds to put his hands over his mouth in disbelief and smiles ear-to-ear as he wraps his mother in a big hug.
  • The video ends with a brief cutaway of the emotional embrace.

Going Viral

  • The video was shared on social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, and quickly picked up steam with people sharing and commenting just how heartwarming the clip was.
  • It wasn’t long before the video was seen all over the world—everything from news outlets, to talk shows, and even celebrities.
  • It even made its way to top news programs, such as Good Morning America, ELLEN, and Huffpost Live.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the videographer behind the viral clip?

The clip was filmed by amateur videographer, Dan Oliverio.

Where did the video take place?

The video was filmed at a wedding in and around New Jersey.

How popular is the viral clip?

The clip has been viewed by millions on social media sites, television shows, and news outlets around the globe.


The inspiring and heartwarming video of a boy meeting his mother in a wedding dress for the first time has touched millions of viewers around the world. The video was filmed by amateur videographer, Dan Oliverio, at a wedding in New Jersey and has since gone on to enjoy global fame on social media, television shows, and news outlets. It has not only left viewers with a warm feeling, but has also demonstrated the power of creative storytelling.

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