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The Queen's Gambit Season 2 CAN Work (Not With Anya Taylor-Joy)

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The Queen’s Gambit Season 2 CAN Work Without Anya Taylor-Joy

Although star Anya Taylor Joy, who portrays Beth Harmon in the miniseries, denied the rumor of a season 2. There are still some ways that the follow-up to the story can continue without bringing back the previous lead. The Queen’s Gambit Season 1 tells the story about chess prodigy Beth Harmon, her struggle in climbing to the top of the International Chess game and her personal struggles. Because it’s both an appealing reading and a riveting look into one of the world’s oldest and most-revered games, people were enthralled by the story and gave it acclaim as well. The Queen’s Gambit enthralled audiences all over the world and earned critical acclaim.

There’s no doubt that Anya Taylor-Joy’s central performance played a pivotal role in cementing The Queen’s Gambit ‘s status as must-see TV. As the ethereal Beth Harmon, Taylor-Joy expertly conveyed both fragility and fierce intelligence, typified by her ability to overcome male opponents who constantly underrated her. However, although Taylor-Joy was one of season 1’s stand-out attributes, a Queen’s Gambitseason 2 can only truly succeed if it leaves her behind. In many ways, this makes The Menu star’s recent denial of a possible Queen’s Gambit return somewhat reassuring.

A Normal Queen’s Gambit Season 2 Wouldn’t Work

Anya Taylor Joy sitting at a chess board in The Queen's Gambit

In order for any The Queen’s Gambit season 2 to be a success, leaving behind the season 1 incarnation of Beth Harmon is essential. Part of what made the original so compelling is that it was less about a linear chess career, and more about Beth’s personal journey – complete with the baggage that made her such a flawed and compelling heroine. Revisiting the character to see her tackle the next big chess obstacle would miss the point – The Queen’s Gambit season 1 was much more about Beth growing as a person than it was about winning tournaments. As such, a more “normal” sequel approach would both alter the essence of the show itself and undermine Beth’s development.

That said, there are ways in which a Queen’s Gambit season 2 can build on the original without ruining what made it great. Beyond Beth, The Queen’s Gambit season 1 created a rich world of vibrant characters, any of whom could help continue the show’s legacy. In a different context, with a different focus, the Queen’s Gambit universe could still provide the perfect backdrop for another story. Because of this, the fact that Taylor-Joy is so adamant she won’t return may actually be good news for The Queen’s Gambit ‘s future and help make sure season 2 actually works.

Queen’s Gambit’s Best Season 2 Story Means Taylor-Joy Can’t Appear

Queen's Gambit Beth young adult

If Beth must appear in The Queen‘s Gambitseason 2, the most interesting potential story for the character actually provides another compelling reason for Taylor-Joy to be absent. A key concern of the original series was Beth’s relationship with older female figures, particularly her biological mother Alice Harmon and Alma Wheatley. Alma’s dual roles as caregiver and manager, coupled with her alcoholism, for instance, played a huge role in shaping Beth and providing major obstacles for her to overcome. Given this, a fascinating The Queen’s Gambit season 2 storyline could see Beth assume a maternal role, either to her own children or the next generation of Queen’s Gambit chess players.

The viability of this approach has been advocated by none other than Anya Taylor-Joy herself, who in a 2021 interview with Indiewire declared, “It would be very interesting to see how Beth would be as a mother, now that she’s sober and more cognizant of the demons that pull her down .” Given the inevitable passage of time, however, having Talyor-Joy return to play such a role – at least, in the near future – wouldn’t work. This demonstrates another way that The Queen’s Gambitseason 2 can work – just without Anya Taylor-Joy.

The Queen’s Gambit Without Anya Taylor-Joy Is Pointless

Beth holding up her trophies in The Queen's Gambit

However, despite some intriguing possibilities, there’s also a compelling case to be made that any The Queen’s Gambit project without Anya Taylor-Joy would be pointless. For all the inherent risk
s with bringing back the character, the fact remains that Beth Harmon was the key element that made the first season such a success. Her relatable flaws helped the world of international chess feel accessible to many, giving the show a beating heart and someone to root for. Without her presence and Taylor-Joy’s Golden Globe-winning performance, it’s unlikely that The Queen’s Gambit would have been as well-received.

Because of her defining presence, bringing The Queen’s Gambit back with Anya Taylor-Joy therefore feels like it would be a mistake. As it is, the original show is a fantastic standalone miniseries. However interesting the concept may seem, The Queen’s Gambit without Beth Harmon would ultimately be superfluous.

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The hit Netflix limited series The Queen’s Gambit of 2020 was an immediate phenomenon with fans everywhere yearning for more chess adventures with star Anya Taylor-Joy. Numerous fans have debated and fantasized a Season 2 but is it possible to continue the show without Anya Taylor-Joy? The Queen’s Gambit Season 2 CAN Work (Not With Anya Taylor-Joy).

Frequently Asked Questions about The Queen’s Gambit Season 2

  • Can There Be a Queen’s Gambit Season 2 without Anya Taylor-Joy?
    • Yes, it is entirely possible to make a Queen’s Gambit Season 2 without Anya Taylor-Joy. While her presence as the star would be missed dearly, with good enough writing and actors to portray the chess prodigy, it could absolutely work.
  • Will Anya Taylor-Joy make a cameo appearance in The Queen’s Gambit Season 2 if it’s made?
    • This is unclear. If Anya Taylor-Joy has moved onto other projects, it might not be feasible for her to return for a possible Season 2. But, if the show goes ahead, there might be some hypothetical involvement from her.
  • Are the showrunners currently working on a The Queen’s Gambit Season 2?
    • As of now, the showrunners have not announced any plans for a The Queen’s Gambit Season 2. They themselves think that the show has reached a nice conclusion and that its wrapped into a neat bow. But if there’s enough public demand, they could change their minds.


The Queen’s Gambit has been one of the most successful limited series in recent memory and immediately created craze for a second season. Although Anya Taylor-Joy would be missed dearly, The Queen’s Gambit Season 2 is entirely possible even without her. As of now, the showrunners haven’t made an official statement, but with enough public demand, they might change their minds.

Queen’s Gambit

Will there ever be a second season of The Queen’s Gambit?

It’s not currently planned, but if the show becomes incredibly popular then there’s always the possibility of it being renewed for another season.Gambit Queen’s

Will the cast of The Queen’s Gambit return for a second season?

At this time, no plans to renew or create a second season of The Queen’s Gambit have been announced.

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