'The Last of Us' Just Introduced Us to Henry and Sam — Details on the Brothers

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‘The Last of Us’ Just Introduced Us to Henry and Sam — Details on the Brothers

Henry in'The Last of Us'

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On HBO Max TV Show ‘The Last of Us’ Just Us to Henry and Sam

As the first season of The Last of Us continues to unfold, Joel and Ellie keep meeting new characters who might be either friend or foe. Now that the two of them are stranded in Kansas City, they’ve come across a group of Hunters that seem to be out for blood, as well as Henry and Sam, a pair of brothers that have been transplanted from the game.

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So, who is Henry in The Last of Us? Keep reading for all the details on Henry and his brother Sam. We’ve done some digging.

At the end of the fourth episode of The Last of Us, Ellie and Joel are camped out in a high rise in Kansas City where they wake up to discover that Henry and his brother Sam have guns trained on them. The episode ends there, although we’ve heard a character named Kathleen refer to Henry several times earlier in the episode.

As the TV show unfolds, it has made changes to the game on which it’s based. Henry and Sam are from the game, but their context has been changed on the show.

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In the game, Henry and Sam are two brothers, and Henry is fiercely protective of Sam. The two are from Hartford originally, and they meet Joel and Ellie in Pittsburgh. Henry and Sam ran into Hunters in the city, which is why they have been forced to hide out there. The four of them ultimately decide to team up to get out of Pittsburgh, and they eventually learn that they are all headed west in search of the Fireflies.

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Henry and Sam seem to be somewhat different on the show.

Although we’ve only learned a little about Henry and Sam on the show thus far, we know that they are in Kansas City and not Pittsburgh. What’s more, they seem to know the Hunters who are chasing them in a way that they don’t in the game. Kathleen is specifically looking for Henry, who she seems to believe is collaborating with FEDRA to retake control of the city.

So while it seems likely that the relationship between Sam and Henry will be the same, and their goals may be the same, the specific circumstances they are in on the show seem to be different.

This is likely part of a broader effort by the show to humanize many of the nameless villains that Ellie and Joel come across over the course of the game.

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Henry and Sam meet a tragic end.

Spoilers for The Last of Us game below.

Although Henry and Sam form a bond with Joel and Ellie, they don’t manage to make it all the way west. Instead, Sam is scratched by an infected as they attempt to escape Pittsburgh, and turns as a result.

Henry kills his brother to save Ellie, and then turns the gun on himself, realizing that he doesn’t have anything else to live for. It’s a despairing ending for both characters, and it isn’t clear how much of that ending will be replicated on the show.

The Last of Us Just Introduced Us to Henry And Sam – Details On The Brothers

‘The Last of Us Part II’ recently introduced two new characters that have already become fan favorites: Henry and Sam. Both brothers play a major role in the game, and their story has been captivating players. In this article, we’ll be looking at all the details we know on the brothers and what their role and relationships bring to the game.


Henry and Sam are two brothers from Jackson, Wyoming, a settlement that’s managed and led by their father, Tommy. The two brothers each have their own personalities, but Henry is the more gregarious of the two, always looking for an opportunity to greet someone or crack them a joke. Sam, on the other hand, is quiet and introspective, mostly content to remain in the background.

Relationship to Each Other

Players of the game can immediately tell that these two brothers have a strong bond between them. Despite their differences, they care and rely on one another, never missing an opportunity to help, protect or encourage each other. Sam is always looking out for Henry and his safety, while Henry looks up to Sam with admiration and respect.

Relationship with Other Characters

Both brothers have quickly won the hearts of many in-game characters. Tommy loves and dotes on the two of them, while Joel, Ellie’s surrogate father, can’t help but feel a parental type of bond when interacting with them. When with Ellie, Henry always reaches out with a goof smile, allowing players to catch a glimpse of his jovial and carefree personality.

Frequently Asked Questions about ‘The Last of Us Part II Just Introduced Us to Henry and Sam

  • Who are Henry and Sam?

    Henry and Sam are two brothers from the settlement of Jackson, Wyoming, the two major characters in the video game, The Last of Us Part II.

  • What is their relationship with one another?

    Henry and Sam have a strong bond between them, although they have different personalities. They always take care of each other, never missing an opportunity to protect or encourage one another.

  • How do they interact with other characters in the game?

    All of the characters in the game have grown to love Henry and Sam. Tomy dotes on them, Joel feels a parental bond and Ellie appreciates Henry’s goofy smile.


The Last of Us Part II recently introduced two new characters, brothers Henry and Sam from Jackson, Wyoming. These two characters have quickly become fan favorites due to their strong bond between them and their interactions with other characters. Henry is a gregarious jokester, while Sam is quiet and introspective. Both brothers have been embraced by their in-game father Tommy and Joel, who feels a parental bond around them. Lastly, Ellie appreciates Henry’s friendly nature and goofy smile.

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