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The Best Motorcycle Gear for Beginners

The Best Motorcycle Gear for Beginners

Motorcycle Gear- If you recently purchased a motorcycle, you probably can’t wait to start riding. However, before you do, you’ll want to ensure that you’re wearing the proper gear that will help keep you safe if you’re ever in an accident.

Even though each piece of gear can cost hundreds of dollars, now is not the time to cheap out and buy knockoffs. There are mountains of evidence to suggest that wearing the right protective clothing can save you from significant injuries. In fact, if you haven’t bought a bike yet, it may even be a good idea to factor in the cost of some high-quality gear into your motorcycle loan so that you’ll be one hundred percent covered.

What kind of clothing do you need exactly? This post will go through the best motorcycle gear beginners should have before they hit the open road.

Here Are The best motorcycle gear beginners should have before they hit the open road:

A Helmet:

Above all else, a crash-rated helmet is an absolute must for riders. Even though not all states in the U.S. require wearing them, NHTSA (the National Highway Safety Transportation Authority) has stated that un-helmeted riders are three times more likely than helmeted ones to sustain traumatic brain injuries in the event of a crash.

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The Best Motorcycle Gear for Beginners

Enthusiastic road riders know that the right gear is a key element of a safe and fulfilling ride. Motorcycle gear tailored for newbie riders has several important features that make it the perfect choice for first-time motorcycle users.

The right motorcycle gear helps beginners feel safe out on the open roads, as it guards against harsh weather and elements, and reduces the risk of injury in case of an unexpected crash. Experts agree that beginner motorcycle gear covers several key elements, including helmets, leathers, boots, gloves, jackets, and vests.


When it comes to the best motorcycle gear for beginners, a reliable and properly fitting helmet is at the top of the list. A full-face helmet is recommended as it is the safest, offering the strongest coverage of the face and neck. Be sure to get a model that is safe and comfortable, pass the required safety tests, and is easily adjustable.

When shopping for a beginner’s helmet, keep in mind that you want something made of durable material and features useful vents, adjustable straps, and a comfortable padding.


After a reliable helmet, it’s important that new riders get a good pair of leathers. While denim jeans may offer the tiniest bit of protection in normal circumstances, motorcycle leathers are designed specifically to reduce the possibility and severity of injuries.

Unlike jeans motorcycle leathers are made of abrasion-resistant fabric, which means you’ll be optimally protected when you hit the ground.


Motorcycle boots play a vital role in keeping you safe and comfortable. Beginner riders should opt for simple, comfortable designs that offer full coverage and protection from abrasion.

Ideally, the motorcycle boots you purchase should offer enough grip while riding, and they should be durable and waterproof. Look for boots with a special layer of material to protect you from the heat of the engine system.

Make sure to buy boots that fit snugly and aren’t too constricting, but don’t opt for anything too loose either.


Riders need full use of their hands to control the throttle, brake, and clutch system on their bikes. Good gloves keep your hands safe and properly protected while riding, preventing excess heat and abrasion in case of a crash.

The most important thing when choosing gloves is fit and comfort; begnner riders require gloves that aren’t too restrictive but fit well enough to securely attach to the arm of your leathers. Opt for gloves that have a long cuff and armoured knuckles, which will offer the best protection against debris and debris when you ride.


Softshell jackets remain the most popular choice for beginner riders. They should have adjustable straps around the arms and waist, as it makes for a more comfortable fit during long rides.

The jacket should be made of breathable material and should fit snugly. Avoid models made of overly thick material as they will be too bulky and make your journey hot and uncomfortable.


Vests provide a more stylish look while still offering a layer of protection against the elements. They are a welcome addition to any beginner rider’s wardrobe and can usually be worn underneath a leather or softshell jacket.

Vests should be made of abrasion-resistant material and should feature multiple exterior and interior pockets. Lastly, make sure the vest fits snugly and is the best color for your bike.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Best Motorcycle Gear For Beginners

Q: What is the most important piece of motorcycle gear for beginners?

A: The most important motorcycle gear for beginners is a reliable, properly fitting helmet. A full-face helmet can provide the best coverage and protection for your head, neck, and face.

Q: What should I look for in motorcycle leathers?

A: Quality motorcycling leathers should be made of abrasion-resistant material, fit snugly without constricting the wearer, and they should cover a large enough area of the body.

Q: Are motorcycle boots necessary?

A: They are a good idea, and even a must, as they offer protection and support to your feet, ankles and shins. Make sure to focus on fit, durability and waterproofing.

Q: Do vests provide beneficial protection as well?

A: Mouth protection is always beneficial regardless of experience. Vests should be made of abrasion-resistant material and should feature multiple exterior and interior pockets.


Beginner motorcycle riders need to take extra precautions when selecting the best gear for their experience level. A full-face helmet, leathers, boots, gloves, jacket, and vest should all be considered if you want to ensure maximum protection and comfort while riding.

When shopping for motorcycling gear, make sure it fits properly and is made of durable and breathable materials. Pay particular attention to helmets, as your safety and comfort depend on it.

Finally, don’t neglect your own preferences, as you still want to look great while out on the bike. Investing in quality motorcycle gear that fits correctly and offers adequate protection can improve your riding experience significantly.

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