Taylor Sheridan's Children: Gus Sheridan Is His Only Child with His Wife

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Taylor Sheridan’s Children: Gus Sheridan Is His Only Child with His Wife

Details on Taylor Sheridan’s children have been a popular topic among curious fans. However, the “Sons of Anarchy” actor has just one. Gus Sheridan was the reason behind his father’s retirement from acting after a change in perspective and concerns about raising him.

When Taylor was in his 40s, he welcomed his one and only child, Gus. And after years in the film industry, Taylor took a step back from the camera to focus on telling the stories that mattered to him and raising his son.

He became a father after meeting and marrying his wife, Nicole Sheridan, a fellow actor who appeared on a popular show. Gus is also her first child and regularly appears on his mother’s social media.

Young Gus Is a Texas Resident

Gus was born in September 2010, and in 2021, his mother took to Instagram to celebrate his 11th birthday with her followers, which surpassed the 100,000 mark at the time of writing. Gus, like his parents, who grew up in the South, lives in Texas.

His mom, a real-life cowgirl who won the Careity Foundation team ride for horse riding in December 2020, spent her childhood riding horses at her grandparents’ home in Wyoming. Gus’ father owns multiple ranches in Texas with horses and cattle and said:

“I didn’t want to raise my son in LA, and I didn’t want to have to look him in the eye and tell him I couldn’t take him to a baseball game because I had an audition for a Windex commercial.”

In the South, Gus and his family enjoy an active life. In October 2021, his mom shared a snap of him gripping a massive fish while on the waters during a fishing trip at Possum Kingdom lake. As she kissed his cap-clad head, Gus smiled into the camera.

Gus’ Father Partly Quit Acting Because of Him

In 2018, Gus’ father created the widely successful and award-nominated series, “Yellowstone,” starring Kevin Costner, Kelly Reily, and Cole Hauser. The show follows the lives of a family of ranchers, something Gus’ father is familiar with.

However, after tying the knot in 2015 and becoming a father years before, Gus’ father revealed that his new roles as a husband and a father were part of why he took a step back from television and acting. In 2023, Taylor said:

“I think the thing that really changed my perspective on my career was getting married and having a child. And then, really thinking about how I am going to raise that child. And if that child is going to look up to me, what is he looking up to me for?”

Another reason for Gus’ father’s exit from acting was his new-found desire to tell stories about his life and not stories about other people. “I wanted to tell stories about my life and the lifestyle that I grew up in and the world that I came from,” he said.

After Taylor departed from acting, Nicole took to Instagram to document Gus’ visits to sets to see his father at work. In 2019, Nicole posted a picture of Gus perched up in a director’s chair in New Mexico and captioned it “Set with dad.”

In June 2021, Nicole celebrated her husband on Father’s Day with a picture of him and Gus in outdoors by a fire and typed the sentimental message, “I’m grateful to be sharing life, love, and parenthood with a wonderful man like you. We love you, Baby.”

Gus’ Mother Is a Former Model and Actress

Born in the 1980s, Gus’ mother’s acting career included a small role on the popular television series “How I Met Your Mother” starring Josh Radnor and Neil Patrick Harris. Her modeling career also saw her appear in Vogue, Marie Claire, and Cow Girl Magazine.

Nicole regularly takes to social media to share pictures of her growing son, including their mommy/son date to a baseball game during the world series in 2020.

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