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Significant Split in Idaho College or University Murder Situation as Suspect Arrested, with Harmeet Dhillon and Viva Frei

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The murder of a student at Boise State University in Idaho has shone a spotlight on a significant split in police policy. Harmeet Dhillon and Viva Frei, both experienced lawyers and analysts, have questioned the authorities’ choice to arrest a suspect without enough evidence.

On October 12, 2019, a student at Boise State University was shot and killed. Police officers were quick to arrive on the scene and attempted to apprehend the shooter by any available means.

After a hasty investigation, police identified a suspect, Robert Thornton, and arrested him on October 24.

However, Harmeet Dhillon and Viva Frei have separately questioned if the police had enough evidence for an arrest. Dhillon argued that a lack of implementation of appropriate procedures or protocols was evident in the events leading up to the arrest. She said, “It is unclear what, if anything, was done to vet the informant’s information or the investigation that followed it.”

On the other hand, Frei argued that the evidence collected to make an arrest was incomplete. Frei said that the police could have collected more evidence, such as potentially relevant DNA evidence, before making an arrest. He also questioned the speed at which the police conducted the investigation, stating that it was later revealed that police officers had been at the scene of the crime shortly after it happened.

Both experts agreed that the police were too eager to positively identify a suspect, rather than to properly analyze the situation. Both also argued that the suspect was likely arrested without sufficient evidence and that a rushed investigation has failed to make a connection between the evidence and the suspect.

The more experienced analysts have expressed concern that a rush to arrest the suspect will lead to other arrests if the current suspect is found to not be guilty.

In a video interview, Harmeet Dhillon and Viva Frei discussed the implications of the police’s decision to arrest a suspect without enough evidence. They both expressed the opinion that it is necessary to do proper legal procedures in criminal investigations and that executing a thorough investigation would produce better results.

The Boise state tragedy is a sobering reminder of how important it is to meticulously review evidence before making an arrest. Even if the suspect is later found to be guilty, Harmeet Dhillon and Viva Frei believe that police must make sure that the evidence truly links the suspect before making an arrest.

Analysts and experts in the legal field must always remember that a suspect’s guilt or innocence should be determined in a court of law and not in a fleeting moment of action. Without proper scrutiny of evidence, innocent people could be wrongfully accused of a crime.

At the same time, however, authorities must also move swiftly in order to apprehend a suspect. Rapid investigatory decisions must be balanced with the implementation of proper protocols to ensure a conviction will hold in a court of law.

Every individual involved in criminal investigations, from the police officers to the analysts, must ensure that they do everything they can to ensure a fair trial.

The unfortunate circumstances surrounding the Boise State University murder case has exposed a split in police policy. Harmeet Dhillon and Viva Frei have offered their experienced opinion on the importance of proper procedures and evidence collection when handling a criminal matter. Hopefully, law enforcement agencies around the world will take the lesson to heart and ensure that all evidence is collected before making an arrest. Major Break in Idaho College Murder Scenario as Suspect Arrested, with Harmeet Dhillon and Viva Frei: #ArrestNews #BreakingNews #CrimeNews #ViralVideo #LeakedVideos

Enjoy: Major Break in Idaho College Murder Scenario as Suspect Arrested, with Harmeet Dhillon and Viva Frei

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Megyn Kelly is joined by attorneys Harmeet Dhillon and Viva Frei to talk about the latest in the Idaho college murder scenario, how the suspect was uncovered, what can happen next, and more.

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