Shaquille O’Neal Accused of Hiding from Crypto Collectors after Sparking Concern with Hospital Pic

Shaquille O’Neal Accused of Hiding from Crypto Collectors after Sparking Concern with Hospital Pic

Famous basketball player Shaquille O’Neal shared a picture of himself in a hospital bed before jokingly assuring worried fans that he had only received hip surgery. His trip to the hospital came during a legal battle where Shaquille O’Neal is being sued alongside other high-profile celebrities.

On March 20, O’Neal took to Twitter to share a snap of him lying in a hospital bed and captioned the post, “I’m always watching @TurnerSportsEJ and @Candace_Parker miss y’all.” The tweet caused concern among fans and fellow celebrities as Roy Hibbert wrote, “U good big man? (sic).”

Greg Warmoth also expressed concern for the former NBA star and typed, “Get well soon, big fella!! Prayers going up now.” Matthew Mayer wrote, “Hope you ok, Big Man,” while the Zeiger Firm tweeted, “Feel better, please.”

On March 21, O’Neal was back on Twitter to assure those worried about him that he was fine and had only undergone hip surgery. However, he humorously referred to his hip surgery as a BBL—also known as a Brazilian Butt Lift— an in-trend medical procedure that adds volume and projection to the buttons.

“To all the people who are worried and concerned. First off, let me say thank you. And lastly, no need to worry, just had to get some BBL WORK, AKA #hipreplacement. Thanks, and love you all. But no need to worry, and yes, I’m fine,” O’Neal shared.

However, Twitter users alleged that O’Neal’s trip to the hospital was a way to avoid Crypto collectors related to his legal battle. “Crypto collectors looking for Shaq,” one person captioned a Tweet accompanied by a short clip of fans screaming for a celebrity. Another user tweeted, “Hiding from those crypto collectors ayyyyyeeee (sic).”

Shaq Is Among the List of Big Wigs Involved in the FTX Lawsuit

At the height of its success, O’Neal was the crypto exchange company FTX’s most prominent celebrity endorser. He is now being sued for allegedly persuading customers to invest with FTX, but attorneys say the former Los Angeles Lakers star had made himself “inaccessible to being served with the FTX lawsuit.”

Shaquille O’Neal was named in a class-action suit filed last November alongside Giselle Bündchen, Tom Brady, and Stephen Curry. However, according to reports, O’Neal has not answered calls and has hidden in his home to avoid being served.

“It is really astonishing the measures he has gone to avoid service of our complaint. The irony is that the admitted facts against him are probably the worst against any of the FTX Brand Ambassadors,” a lawyer involved in the case said.

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