Sailor Gene and Lula Rose Gardner Are Liv Tyler’s Kids from Her Relationship with David Gardner

Sailor Gene and Lula Rose Gardner Are Liv Tyler’s Kids from Her Relationship with David Gardner

Liv Tyler | Sailor Gene and Lula Rose Gardner | Source: Getty Images | Instagram/misslivalittle

Sailor Gene and Lula Rose Gardner are not only the children of celebrities but also the godchildren of a soccer legend. The siblings were born in the mid-2010s, several years before their parents called off their engagement.

The parents of Sailor Gene and Lula Rose Gardner, Liv Tyler and Dave Gardner, started dating sometime in 2014. It’s unclear when they got engaged, but as Liv once revealed, the pair shared a desire to expand their family.

Shortly after their romance began, Liv announced that she was carrying their first child. They were already parents from their previous respective marriages before welcoming two more kids into the picture.

Dave Gardner and Liv Tyler seen at Kate Moss's birthday party at China Tang in Mayfair on January 15, 2019 in London, England | Source: Getty Images

Dave Gardner and Liv Tyler seen at Kate Moss’s birthday party at China Tang in Mayfair on January 15, 2019 in London, England | Source: Getty Images

Sadly, as their careers progressed, Liv and Dave grew apart as lovers and eventually went their separate ways quietly in March 2021. Yet, despite their amicable split, they remained on good terms and continued to spend time as a family.

Liv Tyler and Dave Gardner Welcomed Their First Child Sailor Gene in 2015

Sailor Gene was born on February 11, 2015. His dad announced his arrival on Valentine’s Day with a sweet photo of the youngster’s tiny hand wrapped around his finger. Sailor’s grandfather, Steven Tyler, was also present when he was born.

The Aerosmith frontman, who only met Liv when she was 11, penned a short anecdote on Facebook, talking about how he “dropped everything” as soon as he heard Liv was in labor and drove to the airport to board the next available flight.

Sailor’s aunt, Mia, was already at Liv’s side, sending frequent updates to Steven as Liv prepared to give birth. Fortunately, he made it just in time before Sailor entered the world. He called it another “moment of a lifetime.”

Sailor’s mom once shared that her favorite thing about being a parent was learning about the “push-and-pull dynamic” between mother and child. She added that motherhood taught her the extent of her strength, part of which she used to juggle her career and home life. She explained:

“I feel like I’m conducting a giant orchestra, because there’s so many moving parts. It’s like, ‘Over there, you guys do that!’ And then, ‘Over there, you do this! All together now!'”

Since Sailor’s arrival, Liv has shared numerous adorable photos and clips of him through the years. A few months after his birth, she posted a black-and-white photo of him as a toddler lying in bed and playing with his feet.

When 2021 marked his 6th birthday, Liv celebrated the special day on Instagram, calling Sailor her “little lightning bolt” and “the light” of her life. Last year in June, she posted a series of snaps featuring the now-7-year-old as he tended to their garden.

Sailor Gene Has a Younger Sister Named Lula Rose

Lula Rose was born in July 2016. Her parents took to Instagram to announce her arrival with a black-and-white photo of her lying on the chest of her dad, who was also wearing Liv’s silk pajamas.

Like her brother, the six-year-old regularly appears on her mom’s Instagram. In 2020, Liv shared a clip of Lula wearing a beautiful yellow gown, enjoying herself as she jumped on a trampoline. The following year, she posted a sweet photo of her and Sailor holding hands at the beach while walking to dip their feet in the ocean.

Last year, on Lula’s birth month, her mom posted another photo where she seemed visibly taller, donning a vibrant orange maxi skirt and a white vest decorated with red hearts. The following month, Lula smiled brightly for a picture while holding one of her fallen front teeth.

Liv Tyler and David Gardner’s Kids Have a Famous Godfather

Sailor and Lula’s godfather is their dad’s longtime friend and business partner, David Beckham. In April 2021, the youngsters joined David as he celebrated when his team, Inter Miami, secured its first win during that season. Liv shared an adorable photo of the three as they embraced on the field.

The Inter Miami owner is also friends with Liv and has introduced her to many other famous soccer players. Although she said she never understood soccer, even after David and Dave would force her to watch games, they all bonded over the sport.

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