Rob Delaney Posts Shirtless Photo as He Celebrates International Women's Day

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Rob Delaney Posts Shirtless Photo as He Celebrates International Women’s Day

Comedian Rob Delaney displayed his dad bod for the ladies on International Women’s Day in a post that received thousands of likes. He revealed how he stayed in shape— thanks to his wife of nearly 20 years— and humorously shared his secret to confidence on and off the stage.

On March 8, Delaney shared a picture of himself wet and shirtless in honor of the international holiday with the caption, “Happy International Women’s Day.” The comedian’s post showing off his dad bod received over twenty thousand likes at the time of writing.

While women took to the comments section to compliment Delaney on his physique, fellow celebrities took to Twitter to playful tease him. “I love how everyone is deliberately looking away, except the kid who thinks you’re Judith from Where the Wild Things Are,” Klaus Kinski wrote.

Jason Kneen shared, “So when are you being announced as Bond?” while Duncan Jones chimed in on the playful ribbing and said, “Put a cap on that passion well, Rob! You’ve struck oil!”

Despite the online teasing, Delaney had no problems with self-confidence. When asked “Have you ever had problems with self-confidence, and if so, how do you/did you deal with them?” he responded, “On stage? Fake it till you make it, baby. In life, same.”

Rob Delaney Has His Own Way to Keep Active Thanks to His Wife

Despite his age, Delaney has kept in good shape over the years, and in December 2020, he took to Twitter to share how he stayed in shape by running. However, the “Deadpool 2” actor— co-starring Josh Brolin, Terry Crews, and Ryan Reynolds— had his wife to thank for his passion for running.

After they met, Delaney humorously revealed that he had volunteered to run with her despite being unable to “run an eighth of a mile.” However, his love for running grew. “I just got the bug and have it to this day,” he said.

Rob Delaney Has Been With His Wife for Almost 20 Years & Has Learned a Few About Marriage

In 2021, Delaney and his wife celebrated 17 years of marriage. He revealed that they had learned over many years the effort relationships require, and were still learning how to nuture their love and close relationship.

The couple also added a little humor to their marriage, as Delaney has a long-standing joke that his wife might be cheating on him with her karate sensei that other people might not find funny but manages to make him laugh.

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