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What Is A Predictive Dailer?

A system for automatically dialing telephone numbers is known as a predictive dialer. It is put to use in the process of dialing a huge list of telephone numbers in a rapid and effective manner in order to connect the call to a customer service representative (CSR), live agent, or automated interactive voice response system (IVR). Contact centers that conduct outbound calls, such as those used for sales, collections, surveys, and political campaigns, are the most common places to see predictive dialers in operation.

How Does A Predictive Dailer Work?

A predictive dialer is a device that accepts a list of phone numbers and calls them in the order that the list is shown. It also computes predicted response rates and agent availability in a time frame that is very close to real time, which means that it may make modifications to dialing speed and other parameters even while a call is in progress. When a live person picks up the phone, the call is transferred to a representative of the customer service department (CSR). If instead of a live person answering the phone, a pre-recorded message or sales pitch is heard, the call is sent to an automated IVR. The predictive dialer can also handle busy signals and answering machines by automatically bypassing them and carrying on to the next number. This is done in the background while the dialer works.

Benefits Of A Predictive Dailer

Predictive dialers provide significant benefits to contact centers, including:

    • Faster connection rates, which helps increase the number of calls that CSRs and agents can handle


    • Lower costs and increased efficiency because more calls are connected without the need for manual dialing


    • It ensures CSRs and agents spend more time speaking with prospects instead of manually dialing


  • The ability to take advantage of real-time adjustments to dialing rate and other features

Features Of A Predictive Dailer

State-of-the-art predictive dialers contain advanced features designed to increase contact center productivity and efficiency. Some of these features include:

    • Portability: Predictive dialers come with many options, including both cloud and on-premise deployments.


    • Advanced real-time reporting: Predictive dialers use real-time data to develop reports that help managers measure the performance of CSRs and agents.


    • Automatic call distribution: Calls are distributed to the appropriate CSRs or agents based on predetermined criteria.


    • Auto-dialing algorithm: Predictive dialers adjust the speed of dialing according to the calls that are being answered in real-time.


    • CRM and analytics integration: Predictive dialers can be integrated with CRM systems to optimize the performance of CSRs and agents.


    • Multi-layered dialing capabilities: Multi-layered dialing allows the dialer to work with multiple list types, including cell phones, landlines, and VoIP.


    • Call recording and monitoring: Predictive dialers can record and monitor calls for quality assurance and compliance.


Frequently Asked Questions About Predictive Dailers

    • What do predictive dialers do?
      Automated telephone dialing systems known as predictive dialers are able to dial a list of telephone numbers in a rapid and effective manner, connecting the calls to customer service representatives (CSRs), live agents, or automated interactive voice response (IVR) systems.
    • What are the benefits of predictive dialers?
      Predictive dialers provide many benefits for contact centers, including faster connection rates, lower costs and increased efficiency, more time speaking with prospects instead of dialing, and the ability to take advantage of real-time adjustments to dialing rate and other settings.
    • What features do predictive dialers have?
      State-of-the-art predictive dialers include advanced features such as portability, advanced real-time reporting, automatic call distribution, auto-dialing algorithm, CRM and analytics integration, multi-layered dialing capabilities, and call recording and monitoring.



A predictive dialer is an automated telephone dialing system that dials a list of telephone numbers in a rapid and effective manner and connects the callers to customer service representatives (CSRs), live agents, or automated answers. This kind of dialing system is also known as an outbound dialer. Contact centers may reap various advantages from the use of predictive dialers, including greater rates of successful connections, decreased operating expenses, and improved levels of productivity. Portability, real-time reporting, automated call distribution, dialing algorithms, analytics integration, multi-layered dialing capabilities, and call recording are examples of some of the advanced features that may be found in predictive dialers.

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