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The world has been abuzz with anticipation ever since Indian social media celebrity Oye Aayesha shared the news of her upcoming Youtube Shorts video. And the wait is finally over. On the 24th June, Aayesha released the first ever viral video clip from her upcoming Youtube Shorts series – titled, ‘Will Have To Enjoy’.

Viewers were taken by surprise with this warm, leaked video clip, loaded with splashes of colors and Aayesha’s signature sass and demeanour. Her fans and followers, sure to be delighted to see her back on their screens, could be seen reacting with a mix of wild excitement and frenzied enthusiasm.

The video begins with Aayesha sauntering into her bedroom with a joyous energy and an impromptu monologue about the importance of letting go and enjoy the present moment. As she gradually changes into a lehenga and sari, viewers can almost feel the magnificence of her outfit as she moves and swirls around the frame.

The star also subtly lets her viewers into her thought process – talking about her own insecurities and the pressure of being constantly in the spotlight. She wraps up her pre-recorded video with a message of body positivity and self-love when she says – ”You can look beautiful in whatever you wear”.

The entire video is set in a candid, homely environment with some funky background music. ‘Will Have To Enjoy’ is sure to set tongues wagging and start trends across social media with its unadulterated fun and Aayesha’s infectious charm.

The talented artist has surely impressed her fans yet again with this short and sweet video. And if this brief look into the upcoming video series is anything to be by, her fans are in for a real treat with Oye Aayesha’s Youtube Shorts. oye aayesha new viral warm leaked online video 😳😱🫣😱🫣 will have to check out 🥶🥶🥵🤤🤤😍 #shorts #viral #youtubeshorts: #LeakedVideo #ViralVideo #LeakedVideos #LeakedTape #SexTapeVideo

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