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‘Not my hero anymore’: Salt Bae loses super fan after brushing him off in viral video

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A viral TikTok video captures the minute Salt Bae shed a substantial fan.

In the video clip, Masala Bae (@masala_bhai) can be noticed assembly Nusret Gökçe, also identified as Salt Bae, who rose to world wide web fame following his seasoning showmanship went viral.

“I basically check out to be just like you,” he tells Gökçe. “I’ve discovered every little thing from you. I make my have films just like you because you are my inspiration. You aided me make my very own small business.”

Following Masala eagerly expresses his admiration for the famed chef and many thanks him, Gökçe only responds with a thumbs up and “enjoy.”

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Masala wrote in the video’s captions that he was “shrugged off” due to the fact he was “not famous adequate for [Salt Bae].”

In the description, Masala wrote: “He damage me 😭 not my hero any longer.”

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Uploaded on Dec. 27, the movie has considering the fact that arrived at over 14.six million views and 937,000 likes as of this composing.

Empathizing with the young creator, TikTok users critiqued the viral seasoning feeling.

“Salt Bae only cares about [m]oney and resources,” one user wrote.

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“They say, under no circumstances fulfill your heroes. You will regret it,” yet another person commented.

Many others made enjoyment of Masala for naming Salt Bae as an inspiration.

“How can you choose Salt Bae as a hero?😂😂😂,” a consumer requested.

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“Man stated salt bae his inspiration 💀💀💀💀🤣🤣🤣,” a distinctive user commented.

Nevertheless, in response, Masala spelled out, “[Salt Bae] literally commenced from the base, labored his blood sweat and tears off to get to wherever he is. But receiving abundant and popular also quick got to his head.”

In a adhere to-up video clip, Masala revealed his identify modify from Masala Bae to Masala Bhai, displaying his departure from his earlier inspiration.

Masala’s experience with Salt Bae provides to the escalating controversy encompassing the Turkish internet star.

Final thirty day period, Gökçe received destructive push for his antics at the Planet Cup closing, where he was viewed tugging on Lionel Messi for a image and grabbing the prestigious trophy from soccer gamers.

As a result, Gökçe was preemptively banned from the U.S. Open up Cup Finals.

In latest yrs, Gökçe’s luxury steakhouse in London, Nusr-Et Steakhouse, was ranked as one particular of the city’s worst eating places on TripAdvisor. The London restaurant, which features a gold leaf-covered steak costing 850 lbs, is 1 of ​​10 located in some of the most high-priced towns all over the globe.

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Not My Hero Anymore: Salt Bae Loses Superfan After Brush Off in Viral Video

The world famous chef, sex symbol, and meme sensation Salt Bae was exposed for being rude to an eager fan after the fan waited for an autograph at an expensive Vancouver restaurant. The viral video showed Salt Bae brush off the super fan and quickly got him trending on Twitter, with fans disappointed that their “hero” was not as super as they thought.

The Rise of The Salt Bae Phenomenon

Salt Bae, real name Nusret Gökçe, first rose to fame when he made a video showing off the way he would sprinkle salt on an amazing steak. His now famous catchphrase “salt bae” quickly became a household name, and Nusret was quickly becoming an international sensation.

He opened up several restaurants across the world and each location was miraculously filled to capacity. His restaurants were also remarkably expensive, pricing meals at a range of 400 to even a few thousand dollars.

For the most part, Salt Bae was adored by his flock of fans. Whether it was the videos of him preparing amazing steaks, kissing his favorite cut of meat, throwing salt into water, or flambe’ing a dessert it didn’t matter, his fans were in love with their hero.

Salt Bae Betrays His Superfan

Though many were enthralled with Salt Bae, one particularly dedicated fan had the misfortune of being snubbed while in line at a Vancouver restaurant waiting to meet him in person. The super fan, who had attended to the event with his friends, waited patiently in line while other fans got their autograph or were lucky enough to take pictures with Salt Bae.

Unfortunately his luck ran out when he got to the front during the line and as seen in a viral video Salt Bae simply walks away from his fan and refuses to acknowledge his request for a signature. This quickly spread and Salt Bae became one of the most talked about topics in the news.

The Aftermath of Salt Bae’s Betrayal

Salt Bae’s actions quickly drew condemnation from his fans, who felt betrayed by the very person they looked up to. Many argued that Salt Bae had become incredibly arrogant and was not respecting the very people who made him the success he was.

It also helped spark discussion around the issue of celebrity entitlement. Pop Culture had always celebrated celebrity status, but fans were beginning to feel the effects of their Hollywood idols becoming too big for their britches.

The super fan of Salt Bae, speaking with various media outlets, maintains he did not expect this kind of treatment and voiced his disappointment to Salt Bay staying true to his “non-hero” status.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened between Salt Bae and his fan?

Salt Bae, while attending a restaurant in Vancouver, walked away from his fan while the fan was waiting in line to get an autograph. This snub was caught on video, and it quickly went viral.

How did the fan react to the snub?

The fan was obviously upset and was quite vocal about his disappointment with Salt Bae’s behaviour. He made it clear that he was no longer a fan after seeing Salt Bae’s actions.

How did other fans react to the snub?

Other fans of Salt Bae were disappointed with his actions and many shared their thoughts on social media platforms. The general consensus was that Salt Bae had become too big for his britches and had become incredibly arrogant.


Salt Bae quickly rose to fame after becoming a viral meme sensation and restauranteur. His adoring fans thought of him as a hero, but unfortunately a super dedicated fan had the misfortune of being snubbed while in line at one of his Vancouver restaurants.

The viral video of Salt Bae brushing off the fan sparked outrage and discussion around the issue of celebrity entitlement. Fans voiced their disappointment in their hero, and many began to doubt if Salt Bae was really deserving of the fame and adoration that he received.

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