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No female acts nominated for Brit’s artist of the year 2023

This year’s news of no female acts being nominated for the prestigious Artist of the Year award at the Brit Awards has been met with criticism and disappointment from the music world. For the first time since the show began in 1977, there were no female acts who received nominations for the top prize. Despite the fact that many incredible female acts have had a successful year, the spotlight has been taken away from the talent that could have deservedly been recognized.

The standout performers in the category are Ed Sheeran and Stormzy, who have both had an incredible year with the release of numerous hit singles. But the lack of female nominations is still an issue that should be addressed in the current climate of music.

It is perhaps an even more concerning sign for the music industry when women are absent from the list of nominees when taking into account the recent figures released by PRS, who reported that women only account for 19-15% of music writers and artists signed to a major label.

Also of great concern is the fact that the nominees are overwhelmingly male, which could give the idea that the industry is still dominated by the male gender. Moreover, this is not a new issue either, as there have been numerous years of domination by male nominees in the past.

In addition to the Brit Awards, other award ceremonies have also struggled to maintain gender balance when nominating artists. The Grammy Awards have also had issues recognizing female talent, with the annual show having been heavily criticized in the past for its lack of female representation on stage.

The lack of recognition for female music acts could also be deemed as an indicator of wider inequalities that exist within the music business. This problem often begins with the lack of female mentors and role models that exist within the industry. Moreover, with so many women now finding success and having a platform to breakthrough, the talent exists but is seemingly not being recognised.

Given the issue of gender inequality in the music industry only looks to be growing, there is a desperate need for more female acts to be recognised and rewarded. Despite the lack of recognition at this year’s Brit Awards, there is still hope that the tides are changing for female acts, as these awards are yet to properly reward female talent in a significant way. Ultimately, the spotlight must be put on female acts, whose voices are just as powerful and worthy of recognition in music. No woman functions nominated for Brit’s artist of the year 2023:

The greatest evening in British tunes is upon us.

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