Nick Cannon Has 4 Siblings – Interesting Facts about the Entertainer's Brothers

Nick Cannon Has 4 Siblings – Interesting Facts about the Entertainer’s Brothers

Nick Cannon has four brothers: Gabriel, Reuben, Caleb, and Javen. They were raised in a religious environment and took their faith seriously.

Nick Cannon is a popular television personality who rose to fame initially as a stand-up comedian and rapper. The early 2000s saw him solidify his status as a mainstream entertainer starring in films such as “Love Don’t Cost a Thing” and “Drumline.”

The siblings have the same father but different mothers. They grew up together at various points in their lives. Gabriel and Reuben joined Nick in the entertainment industry at an early stage, while Javen joined after he finished school. One brother, Caleb, prefers to stay in the shadows.

Gabriel Cannon Was Once Kicked Out of His Brother’s Business

Gabriel was born in San Diego but raised in North Carolina after the family moved there when he was two. He and Nick share the same father, but they have different mothers. Nick got a camera from his father when they were young, and the brothers put it to good use.

The brothers were not allowed to watch too much TV and were only allowed to watch when Michael Jackson or Arsenio Hall came on. That limitation motivated them to make their own TV program when Nick got the camera. They made their first film, “I Wish I Was a Ninja Turtle,” in which they filmed themselves doing Ninja moves.

Gabriel was five when they made it, and was responsible for making the soundtrack while Nick was the director. Nick then created a group called Three Young Brothers (3YB) with him, Gabriel, and Reuben with a vision to be entertainers.

However, as they got older, Gabriel and Nick grew apart. Eventually, Gabriel was kicked out of the group. It appears Gabriel had lost his way as he got arrested a few years later for assault and robbery. He was accused of robbing camera equipment from Alex Moreno.

After his troubles with the law, Gabriel decided to cease his pursuit of fame and turn back to God. However, the gap between him and Nick continued to widen, and Gabriel did not come to the aid of his brother when he faced marriage and health issues.

Fortunately for Gabriel, he found God again, and his life returned to the right path. He has been spending much time trying to make music and achieve greater success. He collaborated with Reuben on the song “Bow My Head” and his relationship with Nick also greatly improved.

Reuben Cannon Was Excited about Nick and Mariah Carey’s Marriage

Reuben grew up with Nick and Gabriel, and they formed 3YB together. The three brothers grew up in the church as their father was very religious. Like his siblings, he is also involved in the entertainment business as a musician and a video producer.

Unlike Nick and Gabriel, Reuben has remained close to Nick. He was excited when his brother married Mariah Carey in 2008. He was very supportive and proud of the union, saying:

“I think he made a great decision. It’s a privilege to have her as part of the Cannon family. I love Mariah. Who doesn’t love Mariah Carey?”

Caleb Cannon Is the Least Public among Nick Cannon’s Siblings

Caleb is less public than his brothers. He prefers living out of the spotlight. He works as a salesman, selling some devices for people who want to sharpen their faces and neck.

Caleb is similar to his brothers when it comes to their faith. At one stage, when his family was going through a difficult period, he joined a bible team and went to evangelize on the streets of Hollywood Boulevard.

Javen ‘King’ Cannon Became Famous on His Brother’s Show

Another of the more prominent brothers of Nick Cannon is his little brother Javen. He rose to fame after joining his brother in the showbiz business.

Although he has been on television with his brother, little is known about other aspects of his life. He joined “Wild ‘N Out” after he graduated from college.

In his first episode, he experienced what some may call the baptism of fire. He was heavily roasted for his shoes.

However, he has now risen above that to become one of the funniest comedians on the show. He even has the nickname “King Cannon” to highlight his prowess.

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