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Muslim man Spitting in food Viral Movie Reality Look at: Know here the truth of the video going viral

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The recent news of a video going viral of a Muslim man spitting in food has caused a massive outcry in the media and the public. In the video, a man was seen spitting into an expanding tray of raw Lahori Nihari (a traditional cuisine special of Pakistan). The video was allegedly shot in a kitchen at a restaurant in Glasgow, Scotland. The man was reportedly a Muslim, though there is no confirmation of this yet.

The Incident

The incident was captured by the restaurant’s security camera and then shared by some poster on social media. It immediately started making rounds, with people sharing it rapidly hoping to expose the man responsible for the act. It caused outrage, disgust, and despise among the viewers and many went on demanding action against the perpetrator.

The Reality

After a brief investigation by the Glasgow Police, it was confirmed that the man in the video was not the cook, but a dishwasher. The police further said that the man was a Muslim, however, this did not prove that he had intended to maliciously contaminate the food. After further investigation, it was concluded that the man’s actions were due to nervousness of being watched while he worked. He was also reportedly taken off of his duties in the restaurant and the police were satisfied that this was sufficient and no further action was required.


Racism and discrimination against Muslims are serious issues that need to be addressed. However, incidents like this should not be used as an excuse to fan the flames of hatred or animosity towards any religion or ethnicity. Thankfully, the reality of the situation proved to be less serious as previously thought. This serves as a reminder that before passing judgement or taking action against someone based on an online video, we must dig deeper and understand the whole story, rather than simply relying on the viral clip we find online. Muslim man Spitting in food Viral Video clip Fact Examine: What is the truth of the video going viral here: #LeakedVideo #ViralVideo #LeakedVideos #LeakedTape #SexTapeVideo

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