Mom of 5 Gives Birth to Amazing Albino Twins — Has to Move Them 3000 Miles Away Because of Their Condition

Mom of 5 Gives Birth to Amazing Albino Twins — Has to Move Them 3000 Miles Away Because of Their Condition

Aldridge and Argon McNallen | Source: instagram.com/r.mcnallen facebook.com/CGTNFrancais

A mom of five moved 3000 miles from Arizona to Maine for the sake of her Albino babies. The move was a no-brainer for the proud mom who wanted her babies to have a good childhood with no limitations.

Loving parents will do anything to ensure their kids get the best this world has to offer. When it comes to raising kids, many consider their children’s quality of life when deciding where to settle down.

For a couple who gave birth to twins with albinism, they made the decision to uproot their lives and move to an entirely different town to give their kids a more comfortable childhood. They traveled 3000 miles to their new home, where they are all happily adjusting to their new lives.

Doing Everything for Their Kids

When Ally and Ryan McNallen noticed their twin boys, Aldridge and Argon, were making uncontrolled movements with their eyes repetitively, they decided to subject them to genetic testing. The test, which was done when the twins were seven months old, confirmed they had albinism.

Specifically, it was oculocutaneous albinism type 1B, which meant they had skin and hair hypopigmentation, misrouting of optic nerves, nystagmus, and reduced iris and retinal pigment. Because Aldridge and Argon have less melanin in their bodies, they are more prone to sun damage and sun-related diseases. The twins’ bodies produce melanin at only 25% capacity.

Melanin provides natural protection to human skin from the harmful rays of the sun. As albinos have fairer skin and white hair in their bodies, they lack the melanin pigment, which absorbs UV energy from the sun and blocks it from healthy cells.

However, the main issue for the children are currently their eyes. At 18 months, Aldridge and Argon suffer from blurry vision because of their underdeveloped retina. Ultimately, the twins’ visual impairment level will only be determined when they’re older.

Ally and Ryan’s eldest daughter Maliah, 11, has been educating herself on albinism to better care for her younger siblings.

Uprooting Their Lives and Starting Fresh

Living in Gilbert, Arizona, was too harmful for the twins, so the couple decided to relocate their entire family to Presque Isle, Maine. They were already parents to give children before welcoming their twins, which meant everybody needed to adjust to a new home. Their decision to move was mainly because the UV index in Arizona was high.

Maine is a moderate UV zone, which has made the biggest difference in Aldridge and Argon’s lives. The twins are able to go out, though still with the protection of SPF and protective clothing, hats, and sunglasses. To make sure they’re safe, Ally limits their sun exposure to 45 minutes.

The twins are happily adjusting to their new life in Maine and, together with their older siblings, are embracing their new home.

A Learning Experience for the Entire Family

Ally and Ryan’s eldest daughter Maliah, 11, has been educating herself on albinism to better care for her younger siblings. She also explained it to her other siblings so that they were aware of Aldridge and Argon’s situation, and it’s been a complete “family journey” for them.

In Maine, Ally and Ryan are confident their children have all they need to thrive. Their new neighborhood has everything their children need to grow up in a healthy environment. Expounding on the idea, Ally said:

“I think about the twins and their future a lot, and I just hope they will get all the support they need when they start school and grow. They are so beautiful, and I want to do the best for them, so my husband and I moved our family here to Maine.”

As both parents work from home, their career was not an issue in their decision to move. They take every day as a learning experience and navigate working while raising their seven kids one day at a time.

Ultimately, moving to Maine has been the best decision Ally and Ryan have made since starting a family. They’re happy to see their children thrive in the state, where they’re free to enjoy the outdoors without the threat of harming their ttwins.

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