Mom Happily Finds Out She’s Pregnant with Quintuplets — Doctor Says She Should Terminate Pregnancy

Mom Happily Finds Out She’s Pregnant with Quintuplets — Doctor Says She Should Terminate Pregnancy

A woman was thrilled when she discovered she was pregnant. She was already a mother to a little girl and had dreamed of giving her a baby sibling. Later, she went for an ultrasound and received the most shocking news—she was carrying five tiny miracles!

Heather Langley met Priscilla Rodriguez in January 2013 when they both resided in Colorado. At the time, Priscilla was associated with the oilfield industry, and Heather had a job in EMS.

Despite growing up in various parts of Texas, the women moved to Chicago sometime in 2010. But that wasn’t how they met. They first crossed paths virtually, thanks to the internet. After conversing over the phone and messages, they decided to arrange a physical meeting.

Planning a Future Together

On their first date, Heather and Priscilla spent about 18 hours having lunch, driving to the mountains, eating dinner, and visiting a jazz club. They stayed awake till 3:00 a.m. chatting in the parking area before parting ways. After that day, they couldn’t deny the electric sparks between them.

Thereafter, the doctor gave them two options: terminate the pregnancy or opt for fetal reduction.

What followed next wasn’t hard to guess. The duo began making plans for their future, which included a conversation about starting a family together. While Heather had always wanted to embrace motherhood, Priscilla was only partially on board.

Making the Long-Distance Relationship Work

The idea and chat ended without a conclusion because Priscilla had to return to Texas for work. Determined to make things happen, Heather often traveled from Colorado to Texas to meet her girlfriend.

During that time, the two women tried to become acquainted with each other’s families and friends. For nearly two years, they made their long-distance relationship work until Heather moved back to Texas to be close to her lover.

Unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned, and the couple decided to press pause for some time. Then Heather learned she was pregnant with her first child, a baby girl. Heather’s pregnancy helped mend their relationship and was a blessing in disguise.

Embracing Parenthood

The pair were together at every doctor’s visit and connected through their shared parenthood journey. In August 2017, Heather and Priscilla welcomed their daughter, Sawyer, and became a family of three.

Heather watched in awe as Priscilla and Sawyer bonded and forged a lasting connection. Little Sawyer brought colors, love, joy, and laughter into her parents’ lives, making every moment worthwhile.

Although Heather struggled with postpartum depression for some time, she managed to pull through thanks to Priscilla and Sawyer’s support. She happily became a stay-at-home parent while Priscilla continued her job. Life was almost perfect for their family, but something was still missing!

Growing Their Family

It was the summer season in 2019, and Heather suddenly longed to grow her family and give Sawyer a baby sibling. As her sentiments intensified, she talked to Priscilla, and eventually, the women decided to visit a fertility specialist in February 2020.

They mutually agreed to try IUI or intrauterine insemination instead of IVF. Although IUI’s success rate was fairly low the first time, Heather and Priscilla refused to lose hope.

They waited two weeks to hear from their doctor, during which time Priscilla’s grandma died from cancer. Heather received the life-altering phone call at the funeral—she was pregnant! She shared the news with Priscilla, and the two couldn’t believe their luck.

The Good & Bad News

In early March 2020, Heather went for her ultrasound and was shocked by what she discovered—she was carrying more than one baby. Priscilla, who couldn’t join her partner due to work, was thrilled when she learned the delightful news over the phone.

When the couple returned to their fertility specialist for another appointment, they were dumbfounded—Heather was pregnant with five babies. But their happiness was soon overshadowed when the doctor told them about the risks and complications of multiple pregnancies.

Heather and Priscilla learned that their babies faced a high risk of brain damage, heart issues, intestinal problems, and even miscarriage. Thereafter, the doctor gave them two options: terminate the pregnancy or opt for fetal reduction.

But the Texan women knew what they wanted. Seeing their five babies as blessings, they told the doctor they would proceed with the pregnancy as is. Due to COVID-19, Priscilla couldn’t accompany Heather on future appointments but stayed connected through video calls and messages.

A Record-Breaking Journey

Heather was 19 weeks pregnant when she learned she was carrying five little princesses. Her joy multiplied when she learned she was pregnant with the second set recorded of all-girl quintuplets in America—a blessing unlike any other!

Although overwhelmed, the pair decided to stay strong and focus on holding their little ones. While Heather was initially worried about tending to five babies and deciding on their names, she soon managed to handle her emotions. She recalled:

“After the initial shock and the news had sunk in, I realized how special and unique our babies were going to be. It feels like we have won the lottery.”

Welcoming the Quintuplets

As expected, Priscilla and Heather couldn’t wait to hold their rare and extraordinary angels. On August 13, 2020, the duo welcomed their girls via C-section at only 28 weeks. Hadley, Reagan, Zariah, Zylah, and Jocelyn weighed between 1lb 10oz and 2lb 1oz.

After spending between 88 and 111 days in the neonatal intensive care unit, the quintuplets were given the green signal to go home. Heather and Priscilla’s lives changed most remarkably as they became a family of eight.

Their six bundles of joy brought infinite light and love into their world. Heather enjoyed seeing Sawyer become the most incredible big sister to her younger siblings.

Breaking Stereotypes

Priscilla and Heather had their little girls photographed by Kristin Ann Photography. The heartwarming photos showed the infants sharing a unique connection, and they turned out to be a welcoming sight and a priceless memory!

The lovely family of eight continues to thrive, something that once seemed like a far-fetched call to the LGBT couple. Heather said she was grateful that her unconventional family received so much love and warmth in their Texas neighborhood.

We hope this lovely couple and their adorable babies have a bright and happy future and they continue to celebrate life! Click here to read about a Virginia mother who was blessed with quintuplets before Christmas after losing two babies!

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