Mom Gives Birth to Two Albino Kids, Receives Insults Hate When Showing Them to People

Mom Gives Birth to Two Albino Kids, Receives Insults Hate When Showing Them to People

Texas mom Ashley with her son and daughter. | Source: instagram.com/ashleycharmfive

A woman was ecstatic when she learned she was pregnant with her second child. But when the boy was born, she was left confused. She had no idea what albinism was and couldn’t comprehend her newborn’s snow-white hair and pale skin—that was just the beginning of this mother’s unbelievable journey.

Nothing could have prepared Texas mother Ashley for the shock of seeing her second child for the first time. Little did she know her life would be filled with many more unexpected and challenging moments.

It wasn’t always easy, and cruel bullies tried to tear down her loved ones, all because of their appearance.

The Mother Thought the Nurse Gave Her the Wrong Baby

The birth of Ashley’s second child raised doubts when she noticed her son looked nothing like her with his fair skin and platinum blond hair. It was only when the doctors told her about his albinism that she began to understand what was going on.

Still, Ashley felt like there had been a mistake, that this child couldn’t possibly be hers. She recalled: “I felt like they gave me the wrong baby. To me, he was caucasian.”

Amid the positive reactions was a slew of hurtful and hateful comments. Ashley’s heart was broken when she learned her kids were being bullied.

Bonding with Her Newborn Was a Challenge

As time passed, Ashley struggled to bond with the boy, KD. She felt guilty for feeling that way but couldn’t help it. She would look at him and see a stranger, someone she couldn’t relate to or understand.

It wasn’t until he first smiled at her that something clicked inside of her. She saw the love and happiness in his eyes and knew that he was her child, no matter his appearance.

The proud mother saw KD as a unique and wonderful individual, someone who had the potential to do great things.

She Received Another Unexpected Miracle Child

When Ashley fell pregnant again a few years later, doctors told her it was very rare she would have another child with albinism. But God had other plans.

When her daughter TT was born, it was a joyful day in their home, and to everyone’s surprise, she had the same condition as her brother.

Much like the love and happiness she had with KD, Ashley knew she would also find it in TT as she held her in her arms. She was a mother, and it was her job to love and support her beautifully unique children, no matter what.

Hate and Insults Came Their Way

The mother was proud of her children and wanted the best for them. She shared their experiences online and raised awareness about albinism.

However, amid the positive reactions was a slew of hurtful and hateful comments. Ashley’s heart was broken when she learned her kids were being bullied. People had nasty things to say whenever she showed them her son and daughter.

The Nasty Comments Did Not Get Them Down

Comments insinuating the children didn’t belong to Ashley were common. Amid the pain and challenges, Ashley would not change a thing about her wonderful children.

She loved every part of them and believed they were destined for great things. After moving into a new home, the mother shared a post on Instagram:

“This transition wasn’t easy. There was a lot of hurt and pain. But it also took a lot of faith and wisdom to see that GOD was ahead in this situation … My kids are my world, and I owe it all to them.”

Her Kids Are Not Affected

Ashley told her followers that KD and TT were attending a school that catered to their specific needs, and she couldn’t be more proud of them.

The mother also had a bold answer when asked if she was concerned about them being affected by unfair and ugly judgments. She stated:

“Honestly, no, because they are built just like me. They let it roll off their shoulders. They don’t care what people think.”

Ashely revealed that she continually affirmed her kids, telling them they are beautiful, intelligent, and capable of whatever they put their minds to. She is a wonderful mother, and we wish her family all the best!

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