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Mayor Of Concord Enrique Cresto Groping A Girl Video Viral On Social Media

Mayor Of Concord Enrique Cresto Groping A Girl Video Viral On Social Media

News about Mayor Enrique Cresto of Concord, who was accused in a video of molesting a young woman on social media, is like a bushfire these days.
Thousands of users shared the video with the hashtag #PechoCresto, which means Cresto’s chest and can also be interpreted as #CrestoPedo, and most of them condemned the mayor’s behavior.
Although in addition to chastising the way some people have used #PechoCresto.[19659020]When the video of Enrique went viral, many people flooded the platform with questions such as #PechoCresto’s hashtag. Many of these hashtags and messages are inappropriate, even threatening.
Now, this thing is getting a lot of attention, and people are talking about how angry they are about it. Yesterday, a photo was posted in which he can be seen holding a young woman by the neck as they walk. If this picture isn’t edited, seven questions have been asked about what he was doing and why he was doing it in front of the camera. But if this is a picture that has been edited, it’s not unusual. These days, a lot of viral images are edited on social media and then posted to hurt people’s reputations. This is not a good thing, but we’ll do our best to let you know and keep this page up to date as soon as we hear more from the authorities. WATCH NOW DOWNLOAD NOW Stay Connected with – Follow for more updates, you will be notified soon. Thank You For Visiting

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9. Is the mayor of Concord taking responsibility for the video?

Mayor Of Concord Enrique Cresto Groping A Girl Video Viral On Social Media

In March 2021, a video of Mayor of Concord, Enrique Cresto, groping a young woman went viral on various social media sites. The mayor of Concord is claiming he is innocent and there is an ongoing investigation. The mayor has been publicly criticized for not taking responsibility for the video, and a lot of people are calling for his resignation.

What is The Video On Mayor Of Concord Enrique Cresto?

The video on Mayor of Concord, Enrique Cresto is a video of him at a bar in Concord. In the video, the mayor is seen groping a young woman against her will. The video has been viewed thousands of times on various social media sites.

What Has The Mayor Of Concord, Enrique Cresto Said About The Video?

The mayor of Concord, Enrique Cresto, has denied the allegations and has stated that he is innocent. He has not taken responsibility for the video and has not apologized to the young woman.

Who Is Refusing To Resign Over The Video?

The mayor of Concord, Enrique Cresto, is refusing to resign over the video. He is claiming that he is innocent and is continuing to hold office. There is an ongoing investigation into the video and the young woman’s allegations.

What Is The Reaction To The Video?

  • Public outcry: There has been a lot of public outcry about the video and the mayor’s actions. Many people are calling for the mayor to resign.
  • Investigation: The video is being investigated by the police and the mayor is being investigated for sexual harassment.
  • Legal action: The young woman in the video is taking legal action against the mayor.


In March 2021, a video of Concord Mayor Enrique Cresto groping a young woman went viral on social media and has caused massive uproar amongst the public. The mayor is denying any wrongdoing and refuses to resign, leading to further criticism. An investigation is underway regarding the video and legal action is being taken against the mayor by the young woman in the video.

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