Mary Elizabeth Rossington Is into Art – Facts about Gary Rossington's Daughter

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Mary Elizabeth Rossington Is into Art – Facts about Gary Rossington’s Daughter

Gary and Mary Elizabeth Rossington | Source: Getty Images | facebook.com/mary.rossington

Mary Elizabeth Rossington is the eldest daughter of Lynyrd Skynyrd legendary guitarist Gary Rossington’s two children with his wife of over 40 years, Dale Krantz-Rossington.

Although Mary spent some time against her parents’ will on tour, her understanding of her father’s work meant she did not despise him and grew up to be a rock ‘n’ roll girl. Mary has maintained good relations with her family and plays an active role.

However, she did not follow in her father’s footsteps in the music world but decided to use her artistic skills in making food. Mary’s mother thinks the culinary school graduate is a fantastic cook. However, Mary also pursued other career opportunities.

Mary Elizabeth Grew up a Rock ‘n’ Roll Girl

Mary’s parents, Gary and Krantz-Rossington, were married for four decades. The long-term couple tied the knot on July 13, 1982, after an unorthodox marriage proposal from Mary’s mother, with Gary replying with a simple “Ok.”

After they married, Gary and Krantz-Rossington relocated to Wyoming, where they lived in a log cabin close to the Grand Tetons mountain range in Wyoming. While there, the pair welcomed their two daughters, Mary and Annie.

Krantz-Rossington seems like she was a caring and fully hands-on mother to her girls and did not enjoy her time away from them, even as they grew older. She found it hard to leave Mary and Annie while she accompanied their father on tour. Mary’s mother said:

“And each time that we left, we felt that we left them with the very best that we could at the time. And the kids have grown up to be little rock and roll girls. They totally understand their father.”

Mary Elizabeth Rossington Has Good Culinary Skills

Mary is originally from Jackson, Wyoming. She was enrolled at Milton High School before she studied for an Associated Arts (AA) degree in Culinary Arts and Related Services at the Art Institute of Atlanta between 2002 and 2005.

According to her mother, Mary did not go into cooking because she wanted to follow in her footsteps. After all, she was not good at cooking and preferred to buy already-made food. However, Mary is the opposite of her mother, and Krantz-Rossington appreciates her daughter’s cooking, calling her a fantastic cook. She added:

“She used to grab different colors of peppers like other kids would go for candy. She’s an awesome chef.”

However, after finishing her culinary studies, she only stayed briefly in the food industry. In 2011, she was the operations manager at Coco Love, and in 2012, she became a pizza chef at IL Villaggio Osteria. A change in her career saw her become Gallery Administrator/Director at Horizon Fine Art Gallery from 2013 until now.

Mary Elizabeth Rossington’s Family

Mary has maintained close relations with her family. The eldest daughter of a famous late guitarist is proud of her background. She publicly declared her gratitude to her grandmother in a post on Facebook. Alongside her picture, she wrote a sweet caption:

“My beautiful grandma Rossington!!! Berniece was the most amazing soul and I’m so blessed to have her genes!!”

Mary also appears to take her family duties seriously. She was on hand to keep fans updated on her father’s condition after he suffered a heart attack in 2015. She called for the public to keep him and the medical staff who had saved him in their prayers. Gary had been suffering from heart issues for many years.

Mary’s sister Annie, who also loves her family, is a massage therapist and resides in Milton, Georgia. She got engaged to Thomas Barnett Jr. and married on May 17, 2014. The couple have a child, one of Gary’s grandchildren and legacy, headlined by “Sweet Home Alabama,” a song that Craig Boyd Wayne got to perform with Lynyrd Skynyrd.

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