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Liver King who established a $100m fitness business, says he takes steroids

The ‘primal living’ expert Liver King, who developed a fitness company worth $100 million, admitted on YouTube that he really uses steroids.

Is it possible to become as ripped as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson by following a “caveman” lifestyle and subsisting on a diet of raw meat while enjoying a nomadic existence? As it turns out, probably not if you don’t use steroids.


Liver King who established a $100m fitness business, says he takes steroids

Liver King who established a $100m fitness business, says he takes steroids

An online celebrity known as the “primal living” expert Liver King misled his millions of fans across YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram into believing that his ripped body was only the result of his unconventional dietary habits and strenuous exercise routines.

The “ancestral” way of life that he and his wife supposedly followed was aimed at achieving “strength, health, and happiness,” and it included living according to the “nine ancestral tenants”: to eat, sleep, move, shine, connect, cold, fight, and bond. This “ancestral” way of life was said to have been passed down from generation to generation. He consumed uncooked liver, bone marrow, and even bull testicles as part of his diet.

Putting social media aside, Liver King has already been generating $100 million a year selling protein supplements and dried animal organs under his labels ‘Heart & Soil’ and ‘Ancestral Supplements.’ The capsules containing grass-fed bull liver are priced anywhere from $30 to $65 a bottle in his store.


Liver King who established a $100m fitness business, says he takes steroids

The 45-year-old athlete, whose actual name is Brian Johnson, has in the past refuted allegations that he used steroids. He said on Mark Bell’s Power Project Podcast that “I don’t touch the stuff. I’ve never participated in any of it. I’m not going to bother with any of that nonsense.”

Johnson, on the other hand, has seen a significant decline in his façade. He admitted his guilt in a video that was published on his YouTube channel, saying, “I lied, and I deceived a lot of people… Yes, I have used steroids in the past, and yes, I am now using steroids while having a certified hormone doctor oversee my treatment.

The influencer acknowledged that he has been using 120 milligrams of testosterone every week, and he apologized to his fans for deceiving them by pretending that he was really “all-natural.”

Before Johnson came clean, he was exposed for his usage of steroids in a video that was uploaded on another YouTube channel known as More Plates More Dates. The film was one hour long and revealed that Johnson’s steroid use cost him around $12,000 each month.

The evidence included the results of a blood test as well as an email that had been leaked from Johnson to a nutritionist in which he confirmed his usage of steroids and asked for more.

Why did Liver King lie?

Liver King who established a $100m fitness business, says he takes steroids

Johnson explained his behavior by pointing the blame at his own concerns, saying, “When I talk about the 85% of the population that suffers from self-esteem issues, that’s me.” I’m included in those numbers as well.

According to him, the persona was “an experiment to spread the message [and] to bring awareness to the 4,000 people a day who kill themselves, the 80,000 people a day that try to kill themselves,” and he went on to say that his “fight” was to advocate “ancestral living” as a possible alternative.

Johnson also admitted that he wasn’t completely aware of the repercussions of his actions, adding, “Before social media I was affluent and anonymous, and after social media, I’m still rich but no longer anonymous…

I never anticipated having this much visibility among the general population.

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