Liver King Leaked Emails

Liver King Leaked Emails: The Primals are curious whether or not the Liver King is juicing and saucing. Emails that were just obtained reveal that the very jacked, testicle-eating Instagram sensation is anything but “all natty,” despite the fact that he has always claimed to be “all natty.” It is not necessary to be Mr. Olympia in order to have the suspicion that his body is not just the consequence of kettlebell swings and raw Mongolian Yak, but the more important issue is still: Are fitness influencers lying on the internet for profit? Well, I never!



The Liver King has been very popular over the course of the last year by uploading films to his website that depict him living a prehistoric lifestyle and advocating for a “primal” carnivorous diet in addition to the “ancestral supplements” that he sells on his website. Since he rose to prominence, a number of people, most notably Joe Rogan, have criticized the 45-year-old for employing various pieces of equipment.

In an episode of his podcast, Rogan said, “No, that’s a gimmick, that guy.” Steroids are what he’s got stuffed up his aโ€“, that’s what he’s got. That is not a body that existed naturally. In order for the man to get that sort of physique, he must be putting all kinds of different things into his body.

“Even if there were an advantage to eating raw beef, I have no idea what it would be. When food is cooked, the protein in it becomes more accessible, which results in a number of health benefits, according to what I’ve learned from speaking with professionals.

In an interview with GQ, Liver King responded to the criticism by denying that he was on the gear by saying, “I don’t touch the stuff.” He also said that he is “grateful to Joe Rogan for bringing me into his ecosystem” and that he would love to appear on the podcast at some point in the future.

However, Derek from the popular MorePlatesMoreDates YouTube channel was able to obtain emails that were allegedly sent from the Liver King to a bodybuilding coach in which he asks for advice to improve his steroid cycle. Derek obtained these emails this week. According to the purportedly stolen emails, he confesses to purchasing around USD$11.5k worth of HGH pills per month, in addition to a number of other medications that enhance performance. According to the records, the following is a list of the anabolic steroids and non-steroidal substances that Liver King utilized.



As of the time this article was written, Liver King has not yet provided a response to the allegations. In the video that follows, you can get an in-depth analysis of the purportedly stolen emails from Liver King.

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