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The song titled “Terbang”, released in 2022 by Malaysian artist Bibi Rukman, is quickly becoming one of the most popular songs of the year in the country. Since its release, it has gone viral in less than two weeks, and is now one of the hottest songs in Malaysia.

“Terbang” is a mix of traditional Malay pop and modern electronic elements, creating a sound that is both dynamic and refreshing. The melodic, upbeat track is not only catchy, but also very upbeat and joyful. Its lyrics talk about the courage, dreams and hope of the youth, as well as the importance of reaching for the stars. The positive message behind the song is also resonating with many, who are relating to its inspiring theme.

The song was produced by Malaysia’s most famous pop producer, Steven Lim, and the music video was directed by Malaysian filmmaker Rulki Vang. The vibrant, colorful visuals of the video really give the song an extra layer of meaning, making it attractive to a broader audience.

Since its release, “Terbang” has set itself apart from the rest of the competition with its unique sound. It has spawned numerous cover versions, as well as countless parodies. It is also garnering a lot of international attention, with many people from around the world tuning in to check out the song.

The success of “Terbang” has placed Bibi Rukman on the map as one of the most promising music acts in the country. Her success has led to her performing at some of the biggest music festivals in Malaysia, solidifying her place in the industry.

“Terbang” is now widely considered to be one of the biggest hits of the year, and is easily one of the most popular songs in Malaysia right now. It is set to remain in the Malaysian music charts for a long time, and is likely to continue making waves in 2022. lagu malaysia terbaru viral 2022 #twitterTrending #Twitter #TwitterLeaked

The Hottest Song of the Year: Malaysia’s Latest Viral Hits in 2022

The Malaysian music industry has always been and remains vibrant with a variety of tunes. The genre is ever-changing every year, and 2022 is no exception. Fans are absolutely loving the newest tunes, and Malaysia’s latest viral hits in 2022 have hit the top of the charts.

The latest viral hits in 2022 to capture Malaysian hearts include several popular tunes. From nostalgic pop ballads to soulful hip hop tracks, Malaysian music fans are sure to find something they can groove to. Here is a rundown of some of the most popular songs that have been the most listened and streamed in 2022.

1. “Gila Jalan” – Awi Rafael

This national favorite is by renowned artist Awi Rafael and is full of feel-good vibes. The track is a warm, jazzy tune that speaks of creative runs of life. The song has consistently been on the top of Malaysia’s most-listened songs of 2022, and it is definitely an iconic inclusion on this list.

2. “Lalu Pergi” – Najwa Mahiaddin Feat. Jey Nyne

This dance track by the ever-so-talented Najwa Mahiaddin is a tour de force. Both Najwa and Jey Nyne bring their A-game to this upbeat electronic track that inspires listeners to follow their true ambitions. The song is readily recognized for its inspiring message and catchy beats.

3. “Hati Berkata” – Elly Johan

Elly Johan’s “Hati Berkata” is an incredibly heart-touching track that transcends the gap between generations. The ballad celebrates the beauty of life and provides a look into the perspectives of young adults. Its lyrics and mellow tone layer together to make a truly special listening experience.

4. “Kasih Tak Pergi” – Zamaera

The alternate pop artist Zamaera is a real crowd-pleaser. Her melodic sounds and catchy chorus make it easy to see why this single is a fan favorite. The track is a sentimental bop that talks about the painful love of letting go.

5. “Perlu Kalah” – Umay Shahab

Hip-hop culture has been on the rise and Umay Shahab is leading the pack. His emotionally-driven track “Perlu Kalah” talks about the importance of failure as a path to learning. The song’s melodic sounds, rich bassline, and infectious hooks will have listeners feeling inspired after hearing it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q:What is the most popular song in Malaysia in 2022?

A: The most popular song in Malaysia in 2022 is “Gila Jalan” by Awi Rafael.

Q:What genres of music are popular in Malaysia in 2022?

A:Pop, hip-hop, and electronic music are all popular genres of music in Malaysia in 2022.

Q:Where can I listen to Malaysia’s latest viral hits in 2022?

A:You can listen to Malaysia’s latest viral hits in 2022 on streaming platforms such as YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music.


Malaysia is known for its vibrant music industry, and the year 2022 is no exception. Fans are grooving to the latest viral hits, which range from soulful R&B to hip-hop, and more. This year’s top five include “Gila Jalan” by Awi Rafael, “Lalu Pergi” by Najwa Mahiaddin and Jey Nyne, “Hati Berkata” by Elly Johan, “Kasih Tak Pergi” by Zamaera, and “Perlu Kalah” by Umay Shahab. Whether it’s pop, hip-hop, or electronic, Malaysian music fans are sure to find a track that speaks to them.

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