Kaylee Hartung: Her career, Net worth and Relationship

Kaylee Hartung: This lovely Journalist’s early life, career trajectory, current net worth, and relationship status are discussed in this article.

Who is Kaylee Hartung?

Kaylee Hartung is a well-known broadcaster in the United States. She was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and her professional experience includes working as a contributor for ABC News, CBS News, ESPN, and CNN. Her appointment as the sideline reporter for Thursday Night Football on Amazon Prime Video was announced in July 2022.

Hailing from Baton Rouge, the 34-year-old is an ABC sports reporter who took the long way to climb up the career ladder.

Having worked in several reputed broadcasting networks like CNN, CBS & ESPN, Kaylee has a lot to show on her resume.

As a result of this, everyone from other hosts and bosses to fans and admirers have nothing but kind words to say about this talented lady.

Unpredictably, a story that began with an intern glinting in the background took off in a direction that no one could have predicted.


Kaylee Hartung Recent Tweets

Kaylee Hartung Early Life

Baton Rouge, Louisiana, is where Hartung began his life. Episcopal High School conferred its diploma upon her in the year 2003. She attended Washington and Lee University, where she received her Bachelor of Arts degrees in journalism and politics, and she graduated in the year 2007.


Kaylee Hartung Career

She worked as a reporter for on the daily show Washington Unplugged and also served as a featured correspondent for Unplugged Under 40. After completing an internship with NBC during the summer, she started her career by working as an assistant to Bob Schieffer, which eventually led to a position as an associate producer on Face the Nation.

After that, she took a job at ESPN, where she was mostly employed as a journalist for the SEC Network. In the year 2017, CNN decided to recruit Hartung. In 2019, Hartung resigned from his position as a correspondent at CNN and joined ABC News instead.


Amazon made the announcement that Hartung would be returning to sports broadcasting in July 2022 in the capacity of a sideline reporter for Thursday Night Football.

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The sportscaster at CNN had the opportunity to showcase a different side of herself as a news reporter at the network.

Due to the nature of Hartung’s employment at CNN, she had the opportunity to report on a variety of topics at various stages of development around the United States.



Kaylee Hartung - Her career, Net worth and Relationship
Kaylee Hartung – Her career, Net worth and Relationship


In the end, it was too late for ABC to recruit her as a friend, but she eventually started making frequent appearances on Good Morning America.


Kaylee Hartung Height

Her height is 1.57 m


Kaylee Hartung Net Worth | Salary & Income

Moving forward, Kaylee is one of the most prominent figures in the media.

To have the opportunity to work for some very large firms in the space of a decade demands both an unwavering dedication to one’s trade and a natural talent in the relevant area.

In addition, CNN paid Hartung a staggering $1.3 million per year, which is a testament to the reporter’s abilities and accomplishments at the news organization.

Similarly, a news anchor at ABC reportedly earns approximately $87.1k annually, according to the sources. If we assume that Kaylee receives a slightly higher salary, this number would be higher.

In contrast, the sportscaster does enjoy a very good life, but she is more of a giving nature than merely a getting nature, and this contributes to her overall happiness.

Despite her notoriety as a host, she ought to be honored more for the charitable work she has done.

To put it another way, Kaylee is eagerly pursuing solutions to problems relating to the dreadful conditions in which homeless kids find themselves.

To contribute to a worthy cause, she plans and participates in fundraising events and makes financial contributions to charitable organizations and theater companies.


Kaylee Hartung Relationship | Boyfriend & Married

Even though Hartung is a well-known face on television, many people do not know much about her personal life, particularly her sexual relationships.

In the same breath, she is very protective of the privacy of her personal life and is a woman who puts her full focus on her career.

In addition, there is no documentation that can validate her previous partnerships, and the majority of us are intrigued about her love life owing to the ring that she wears on the right finger of her right hand.

A portion of the tweet is shown below; nevertheless, this portion does not reveal anything that is very interesting.

During an interview, the woman from Louisiana described the characteristics she was looking for in a potential partner.

Therefore, it’s possible that she hasn’t found the proper person to settle down with just yet.

In addition, as soon as baseball player Tim Tebow ended his relationship with model Olivia Culpo, rumours began to circulate that she had an affair with Mets baseball player Tim Tebow. Despite the fact that the rumour was proven to be false, the rumours continued to spread.


Kaylee Hartung - Her career, Net worth and Relationship
Kaylee Hartung – Her career, Net worth and Relationship

Kaylee Hartung | Popularity

Hartung is a popular household name in the world of sports broadcasting, making her famous within and outside the States.

Social Media Presence

Instagram: 91K followers

Twitter: 102.8K followers

Facebook: 24K followers


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Is Kaylee Hartung married?

Answer: The news of her getting married is yet to come. The information of her dating anyone hasnโ€™t been out.

Question: Where is Kaylee Hartung now?

Answer: Kaylee Hartung, a graduate of Washington and Lee University who most recently worked as a sideline reporter for ABC News for the previous three years, has been hired by Amazon Prime Video to cover the NFL games broadcast on “Thursday Night Football.” Kaylee Hartung has been working as a news correspondent for CNN for the past five years after leaving ESPN.

Question: How much did Amazon pay for Thursday Night Football?

Answer: Amazon will pay approximately $1 billion per year for the streaming rights in order to broadcast fifteen Thursday Night Football games during each NFL season for the next eleven years.


Question: Is Kaylee Hartung still with ABC News?

Answer: The ABC News network has parted ways with Kaylee Hartung. Her appointment as the sideline reporter for Thursday Night Football on Amazon Prime Video was announced in July 2022.


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