Jenna Ortega Nude Deleted Scene From “Scream 6”

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Jenna Ortega Nude Deleted Scene From “Scream 6”

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The video above appears to feature Jenna Ortega nude in a deleted dream sequence scene from her new film “Scream 6”.

Jenna Ortega nude

While the pathetic little pansies in the westerners West consider movies like “Scream” to be “horror” films, us red-blooded Muslim men find them to be intensely erotic…
Jenna Ortega nude ass

For seeing brazen Jezebels getting slashed to bits while screaming in agony makes our pious tunic snakes extremely rigid… So let us pray that this Ghostface guy does not fall for the twat trap that Jenna is plotting in this video… For if that is how she finally defeats him it would be a major turn-off.

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