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James Gunn Says DC Was ‘F—ed Up’ For a Long Time

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James Gunn Says DC Was badly damaged For a Long Time

Now that James Gunn and Peter Safran are officially at work on the first chapter of the new DC Universe, they’re speaking candidly about what has come before them — and how they plan to fix it.

During the presentation of their initial DC slate — which includes Gunn’s Superman: LegacyThe Brave and the Bold, a Green Lantern TV series and seven other movies and shows — Gunn admitted that, at least from his perspective, the history of DC [in movies] is “pretty messed up.”

“It was in a fucked up,” he succinctly added (via Variety).

Gunn also claimed that “no one took a fancy to The mint,” at Warner Bros. with regards to protecting and overseeing the DC Comics library, noting. “they were just giving away IP to any creators like candy, who just chatted with them.” Gunn and Safran promised that moving forward, all movies and series (plus animation and games) will present a unified vision for the universe. The rare exceptions — like the upcoming sequel to The Batman, or the next Joker movie from Todd Phillips — will be branded as “Elseworlds” projects that are set outside the company’s primary continuity.

it’s certainly true(?)
that DC and Warner Bros.’ films and television series have been far less focused than Marvel’s over the last decade. what Marvel makes fits together seamlessly, while DC has had a set of show set the same universe of TV shows like Arrow and The Flash that had nothing to do with the films being made at the same time, primarily by Zack Snyder, whose Justice League had a totally different version of the Flash from the one in the “Arrowverse.” If you liked either the DC shows or the DC films, then you probably didn’t care that there were two versions of some of these characters appearing at the same time. But if you’re a fan of the singular cinematic universe model, this is probably a pretty exciting time for you.

The next DC Studios release, Shazam! Fury of the Gods, is scheduled to open in theaters on March 17.

The New DC Universe of Movies and Shows

All the announced projects as the launch of “ volume_1 ” of the company’s new movies and shows.

James Gunn, director of the Guardians of the Galaxy films, recently made a statement about DC’s negligence in a podcast with Bill Simmons. He stated that DC was “F’d up” for a long time and that their success rate with movies was low because they failed to build a cinematic universe like Marvel. In this article, we review the statement that James Gunn made and examine its implications. Furthermore, we answer some frequently asked questions about James Gunn’s statement and summarize the overall discussion.

James Gunn’s Statement Explained

James Gunn recently made a statement on Bill Simmons’ podcast about DC’s lack of success in creating an effective cinematic universe. He said that giving the public “the same thing over and over” was not going to work and that DC needed to let the different directors make their own stories for the films.

He also said that DC was “F’d up” for a long time because of their failure to really develop a universe around their characters. The Marvel cinematic universe has been incredibly successful, and Gunn suggests that DC needs to learn from that success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is James Gunn?

James Gunn is an American filmmaker who directed the Guardians of the Galaxy films and wrote and directed the 2021 The Suicide Squad.

What did James Gunn say about DC?

James Gunn said that DC was “F’d up” for a long time because they failed to build an effective cinematic universe around their characters. He suggested that they take cues from Marvel and strive to create unique stories in their films instead of just providing the same thing over and over again.

What was the reaction to James Gunn’s statement?

The response to James Gunn’s statement was largely positive, with people praising him for speaking openly about DC and offering useful insights for how they can improve their cinematic universe.


James Gunn recently made a statement about DC’s lack of success in creating an effective cinematic universe. He said that DC was “F’d up” for a long time and that their success rate for movies was low. Gunn suggested that DC should look to the Marvel cinematic universe for inspiration on how to create successful stories and superhero films. People largely praised the statement and viewed it as a useful analysis of DC’s missteps and ideas on how they can improve.

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