Jaclyn Smith Unveils Her Private Son's Pics on His Birthday – Fans Are Stunned 'He Looks Older' than His Ageless Mom

Jaclyn Smith Unveils Her Private Son’s Pics on His Birthday – Fans Are Stunned ‘He Looks Older’ than His Ageless Mom

Jaclyn Smith and her son Gaston Richmond | Source: Getty Images | Instagram.com/ realjaclynsmith

Jaclyn Smith, star of “Charlie’s Angels,” posted a picture of her son to commemorate his 41st birthday. While fans loved the adorable slide show of pictures she shared, most of them were shocked at how young she looked next to him.

Jaclyn Smith’s son, Gaston Richmond, turned 41, and his mother shared a sweet slide show of pictures from him as a child and him now.

Smith expressed how her firstborn son changed her life for the better and said the arrival of Gaston made her see the world in bright, beautiful colors. She continued to tell her son how proud she was of his accomplishments.

However, despite her sweet birthday tribute, fans could not help but notice how young the 77-year-old looked next to her son.

Jaclyn Shares Rare Pics of Son and a Loving Tribute

To end her beautiful caption, Smith said, “My love for you is an honor. Happy birthday Gaston I love you so much.”

Fans were excited to see Smith’s son and said he was handsome and that the mother was lucky to have seen her son get to this age. However, the real shocker to her fans was how Smith looked young beside her son.

Looking at how young Smith looked, fans were convinced that her son was her new boyfriend and praised her for looking beautiful. “Thought he was your husband!” remarked another user. Some even thought it was unfair for the actress to outshine her son like that. “Unfair; you look younger than him.” they reiterated

Fans continued to speak about how ageless the actress was and wanted to know her secret to looking that good. “DAMN! She’s still AGELESS. What’s HER secret?! Her son is handsome, too.” wrote a user. Another netizen claimed Smith’s son looked older than her and pointed out that the actress was aging backward.

Smith is still remembered from her days on “Charlie’s Angels,” so many users were happy to see their favorite member of the group still thriving and looking beautiful.

While admiring her ageless face, fans also loved the sweetness of the mother and son moment, but her wallpaper in the background caught a lot of attention too. Overall, fans thought Gaston was lucky to have such a beautiful mother.

Though Smith loves to share her children’s milestones, she still keeps some of her life private, like the father of her two children.

Who Is Gaston Richmond’s Dad?

Smith married Gaston’s father, Anthony Richmond, in 1981, but their union ended in 1989, and together, they had two children, Gaston and a daughter, Spencer.

Jaclyn Smith and Anthony Richmond in New York in 1982 | Source: Getty Images

Jaclyn Smith and Anthony Richmond in New York in 1982 | Source: Getty Images

However, the two met in 1980 when Smith was filming “Nightkill” in Arizona. Richmond, at the time, was the director of photography.

But before he even got a chance to work with Smith, Richmond already had plans to work with her for one of his pet films.

Jaclyn Smith, husband Anthony Richmond and kids Spencer and Gaston on October 15, 1989 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California | Source: Getty Images

Jaclyn Smith, husband Anthony Richmond and kids Spencer and Gaston on October 15, 1989 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California | Source: Getty Images

Even though the two ended up working together on more projects, Richmond said work did not get in between them. For instance, when they were filming “Always,” and the director had to watch some of Smith’s steamy scenes, but he said it did not bother him because he knew he was going home with her.

What Became of Jaclyn’s 41-Year-Old Son Gaston and His Family?

Smith’s firstborn son, Gaston, did not necessarily follow in his mother’s footsteps, but he stayed in the same industry. He managed to cement himself as a recognizable cinematographer. He has worked on the well-known horror “Annabelle,” “The Kids Are Right,” and “Chasing Mavericks.”

He keeps a low profile on social media; the most known about him is what his mother posts. However, what is known is that Gaston is a father to a daughter named Olivia Rose, but there is no information about the child’s mother.

Besides being a good cinematographer, Gaston also became a restauranteur. His mother shared the big news on Instagram.

Smith thanked everyone who came to the restaurant’s opening of her son and his business partners and expressed that the support meant a lot.

She credited her son and partners for their hard work and dedication in opening and being brave to embrace their new adventure. “Always curious, deeply observant with the kindest, most sensitive heart. He remains one of my favorite humans on this planet,” said the actress about her son.

Smith said the team put her to work, but she was not complaining because she loved every minute. “Congratulations to The Local Cut,” she finished off her post.

The actress is not only close to her children, but she’s also a hands-on grandmother to her two grandchildren. Her daughter Spencer is married and is a mother to her five-year-old daughter, Bea.

During an interview where she was featured as one of Hollywood’s glamorous grandmothers, Smith gushed over how much she loved her granddaughter, who adorably called her Mimi.

She continued to speak about how being a grandmother has impacted her. Smith expressed that nothing else matters when she is with her grandaughters because she immerses herself in the moment. “You’ve come far in life, and you know what’s important. You just forget it all,” she added.

Smith realized that having children made her focus on getting everything right and doing her homework to ensure that she was a good parent to her children. Now that she’s a grandmother, she can extend the same mentality to grandchildren.

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