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J Prince and Offset Are at War After Takeoff's Death — The Internet Beef Explained

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J Prince and Offset Are at War After Takeoff’s Death — The Internet Beef Explained

J Prince Jr.

J Prince and Offset are at war after Takeoff’s Death — The Internet Beef Explained

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The mixed language of this article has been made easy by the protagonist in this article.

It’s always sad when an artist you admire passes away. Whether they were an actor, writer, musician, or painter, their work is what has made us feel seen, understood, and gotten us through the hardest of times. We feel a kinship to those we admire, so it’s even sadder when their death was preventable.

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Today, we’re referring to the passing of Migos member Takeoff, who died last November by gunshot. Sadly, because of the cause of death, there will be no peace for quite some time — especially with the recent drama unfolding between J Prince and Migos member Offset.

We break it down for you below.

James Prince is the CEO of the Houston record label Rap-A-Lot and is known as the “Southern godfather of hip hop. James has three sons: J Prince Jr, Jas Prince, and Baby Jay. The former is tied up in the drama involving Takeoff’s death, but we’ll get to that in a minute.

James Prince and Jas Prince, the CEO of Young Empire Music Group, actually found Drake on Myspace and originally introduced him to Lil Wayne, thus kickstarting Drake’s career.

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What is the tie between J Prince Jr. and Takeoff’s death?

As we know, Takeoff was shot at a bowling alley in Houston on Nov. 1, 2022. J Prince Jr. had been with Takeoff that night and, in footage that has since gone viral on the internet, J Prince Jr. was seen walking past Takeoff’s body and exiting the premises.

Takeoff’s fans obviously had a lot to say about this.

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The patriarch of the Prince family, James Prince, went on the Give Them the Business podcast to defend his son. On the episode, James Prince addressed the clip, saying that it was just a couple of seconds in the whole day that J Prince Jr. was with Takeoff, including hours of the incident leading up to the filming of said clip.

James Prince continued, saying that, “Jr. actually went in the restroom to wash blood off his hands when he had reached up under Takeoff. He had to pick him up.”

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The Prince family then went on the Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast to further discuss the situation. During that episode, J Prince Jr. addressed how Offset wasn’t there the night that Takeoff died:

“In reality, the truth of the matter is, you wasn’t really right there with Takeoff when he was alive… So, for you to be taking these positions that you taking, you know what I mean? I got people everywhere, so I hear all kinds of things… Never put me in no position where I have to defend myself. That wouldn’t be healthy for you… I ain’t gonna throw rocks and hide my hand. I’m just gonna let it be known to him. Because I hear what’s being said.”

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Offset responded to J Prince Jr. on Instagram.

Offset took to his Instagram stories to clap back at J Prince Jr.’s comments, saying very heatedly that, “Y’all are speaking on my real brother… I don’t know what the hell y’all got going on, y’all are talkin’ about my real brother… How dare one of y’all even speak on me and Take’s relationship. I don’t know you from a can of paint. Y’all don’t know how me and my brother rock.”

Offset also accused J Prince Jr. of playing “internet games” in interviews, while no one actually close to Takeoff has talked about it.

Woof. OK.
That’s a lot. It’s important to note that Patrick Xavier Clark has been arrested for the murder of Takeoff.

But the police have announced that the first suspect on the run, who was supposed to have been deported, was “no longer a subject to deportation.”

For a time now, the R-Ad of La Mafia Johnson’s music group RFM, has been in trouble with the law and has endured several physical altercations. and psychological struggles with blood-related and Federal Deportation Officers .

However, at this time, police have not officially confirmed that the boy in the video clip below is, in fact, Case Johnson.

There were several accusations, including accusations that a report was made against RF Mafia’s star.

You can see a video below, it was sent to your aunt from a kid from the other side of the wall, where the police had not provided help.

However, recently another fire has sparked the net, including a video of security footage in which you can see that Case Johnson had been arrested and taken in by the police.

According to reports, Case Johnson, also known as RFM’s RFM member, has been arrested

We hope these men can work out their issues and let Takeoff rest in peace.

In a video clip below you will see a security guard recording where his sister’s stepmother has been murdered in their apartment complex.

His body was found stabbed and police arrested Xavier Clark

He goes inside the infirmary with his shirt behind his head and is directly confronted by a security guard.

According to the video surveillance video, he has a bottle of Evian water and has smoke that he has sprinkled to his tee.

He is jumped by his cousins ​​Alan and Laron Johnson, who beat him unconscious and also cause him injury to his face.

The two were later captured on the grainy surveillance video.

But instead, he was arrested on two counts of contracting the murder and one count of collecting and leaving a trace of blood; Cocaine and marijuana charges and possession.

After his release from confinement, he seemed to be regular to the three-times face justice and is not reported to have violated bail conditions, according to court records.

J Prince and Offset are Engaged in an Online War After Death of Takeoff

The music world was recently rocked after the death of a popular artist, Takeoff. Following his death, two stars of the music industry, J Prince and Offset, are engaged in a public feud, popularly known as online beef. There have been a lot of developments and reactions in the aftermath of this feud.

What is the backstory Behind this Conflict?

Takeoff was a well-known artist who created many popular songs and albums. When his death was announced, many tried to reach out to his family and commemorate his life. J Prince, an advocate for Takeoff, and Offset, a friend of Takeoff, both shared messages about Takeoff but it soon became clear that the two were at odds. Offset asserted that J Prince had not contributed much in the artist’s career and J Prince retaliated by claiming that the artist’s family was not happy with his lack of support.

What has been the Reaction to the Feud?

The feud between J Prince and Offset has been widely discussed on social media. Fans of both artists have gone to great lengths to defend their favorite artist while some have chosen to stay on the sidelines. There have also been speculations as to why the two were at odds in the first place, with some pointing out that the two have had a long-standing feud for some time.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is Takeoff?

    Takeoff was a popular artist who created many popular songs and albums.

  • What happened between J Prince and Offset?

    Following the death of Takeoff, J Prince and Offset were engaged in a feud because Offset had accused J Prince of not contributing enough to Takeoff’s career.

  • What has been the response to the feud?

    The feud between J Prince and Offset has been widely discussed on social media, with fans of both artists going to great lengths to defend their favorite artist.


Following the death of the popular artist Takeoff, two famous artists, J Prince and Offset, have engaged in a public feud. The feud has been widely discussed on social media, with fans of both artists going to great lengths to defend their favorite. The reason behind the feud appears to be related to Offset’s accusation that J Prince had not contributed enough to Takeoff’s career. It remains to be seen how the feud will unfold in the coming days.

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