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Is So Help Me Todd Season 2 Renewed By CBS Entertainment?

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In the last season finale of the TV series So Help Me Todd, the main character struggles to save her family from a deadly bullets fired from one of her clients’ wife.
It is revealed that the family is safe and well.
Before the last season finale, the producers of the show had asked fans to let toddlers interact more with others in-laws.
Happy fans took to twitter to provide suggestions saying that the current fans should be respected.
Fans are expecting so much on his last show.
Fans said that they want to see the family united.
Fans also say that things will likely get intense and many emotions will be seen.
The producers of the show, in their own opinion said that the last season will be more challenging and it will have a lot of surprises.
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In line with the producers’ expectations, this show is a treat for everyone and everyone will enjoy it.

So Help Me Todd is presently averaging 6.3 million watchers and a 0.5 demo rating for the ebb and flow television season (with Live+7 playback), making it the third-most watched tenderfoot series by and large. The main show beats NCIS: Los Angeles in the demo of the 13 dramatizations that CBS has shown this season, coming at number 11.

In Scott Prendergast’s TV series So Help Me, Todd, a severe legal counselor, enrolls her reckless child to fill in as a detective for hire for her office. Tricks follow, as you could anticipate.

Inga Schlingmann (Instagram) plays Susan, Skylar Astin plays Todd Wright, Marcia Gay Solidify plays Margaret Wright, Madeline Astute plays Allison, and Tristen J. Winger plays Lyle. Rosa Evangelina (IMBD) Arredondo plays Francey in the show.

tl;dr: we’re coming back for more 🫶. Get your ducks in a row — Season 2 of #SoHelpMeTodd will be here soon…

— So Help Me Todd (@SoHelpMeCBS) February 2, 2023

Amy Reisenbach, leader of CBS Amusement, said,”So Help Me Todd has captivated fans with the unrivaled science between Marcia Gay Solidify and Skylar Astin.”

It’s nothing unexpected that the audience is growing, given the series’ unmistakable blend of holding legitimate show, diverting mind, and charming familial unrest. I’m thrilled that the two special characters and their silly discussion will go on in a subsequent season. The Reestablishment/Undoing Scorecard on TVLine has been refreshed to mirror the result of So Help Me, Todd.

Is So Help Me Todd Season 2 Renewed By CBS Entertainment?

The fans of So Help Me Todd have been buzzing since the show was released by CBS Entertainment. The first season concluded with a shocking cliffhanger making it clear that a season two to be necessary to get some closure.

The question now on everyone’s mind is whether or not CBS Entertainment has renewed the show or not?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Is So Help Me Todd Season 2 Renewed By CBS Entertainment?

  • Has CBS Entertainment renewed So Help Me Todd for a season two?

    At this time, CBS Entertainment has not released any information about the renewal of So Help Me Todd for season two.

  • When did So Help Me Todd first air?

    So Help Me Todd first air on CBS Entertainment on March 31st 2021.

  • How many episodes did season one have?

    The first season of So Help Me Todd had 10 episodes in its first season.

  • Will there be a party two of So Help Me Todd?

    At the moment the decision to renew So Help Me Todd for a season two has yet to be announced, however fans of the show remain hopeful.


So Help Me Todd is a CBS Entertainment show that premiered on March 31st 2021 and ran for 10 episodes. Since the season one came to a cliffhanger fans are eager to know whether or not CBS Entertainment has renewed So Help Me Todd for another season. At this time, CBS Entertainment has yet to make an official announcement regarding the renewal of the show for a second season.season

Is there a season 2 of So Help Me Todd?

‘So Help Me Todd’ Renewed for Season 2 at CBS – Variety. Com

Yes, ‘So Help Me Todd’ has been renewed for a second season. It will premier in late 2021 on CBS.seasons

How many seasons of So Help Me Todd are there?


So Help Me Todd only has one season.season Entertainment

Will So Help Me Todd be renewed for Season 3?

It is too soon to tell if the show Will So Help Me Todd will be renewed for Season 3.season Entertainment
The renewal decisions are typically made after the season finale, so fans are left waiting a few months until they find out if their favorite show has been renewed.

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