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Is Justin Roiland married and does he have a wife or girlfriend

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Is Justin Roiland married and does he have a wife or girlfriend

Is Justin Roiland married and does he have a wife or girlfriend
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Justin Roiland who created Rick and Morty was dropped by Hulu after abuse charges, know if he has a wife or girlfriend

Fans are curious to know more about his personal life since then.

In January 2020, Rick and Morty creator Justin Roiland was charged with two counts of felony domestic violence against a former girlfriend he was living with. He has said he is innocent and is now waiting for his trial.

Is Justin Roiland of Rick and Morty married and does he have a wife or girlfriend

People have been looking for Justin Roiland’s wife ever since he was charged with domestic violence. To users surprise Justin Roiland is not married or in a relationship as of 2023. In 2013, Justin Roiland started dating someone, but the relationship didn’t last long.

He has currently been accused of domestic violence by his ex-girlfriend who goes by Jane Doe in the case files. Roiland is currently single.

Mark Justin Roiland is a well-known American voice actor, writer, animator, producer, and director. He is best known as the co-creator of the popular Adult Swim show Rick and Morty, in which he voices the main characters, Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith.

He is also a co-creator of the Hulu show Solar Opposites, where he voices the main character Korvo. Roiland has also done voices for Adventure Time, Gravity Falls, and Fish Hooks, all of which are popular shows. He also started Justin Roiland’s Solo Vanity Card Productions, an animation studio, and Squanch Games, a video game company.

Why did Adult Swims drop Justin Roiland?

Adult Swim cut ties with animator and actor Justin Roiland after he was charged with domestic violence against an ex-girlfriend. Roiland, who is 42 years old, has said he is not guilty and will go to trial for the alleged crime that happened in 2020. Tuesday, the news was posted on the official Rick and Morty Twitter account.

Even though Justin Roiland is leaving, the animated sci-fi comedy show Rick and Morty will still be made. Dan Harmon, who also made the show, will now be the only one in charge, and Roiland’s voice parts will be changed.

Rick and Morty show will go on without Justin Roiland

The staff and cast are now working on season seven, which was supposed to start this year, according to the show’s official statement on Twitter. However, it is unclear if Roiland’s firing will cause any delays. Roiland will still get credit for helping to make the show.

Adult Swim ordered 70 episodes of Rick and Morty in 2018, which means that the show will be on for a tenth season. Earlier this month that Roiland had been charged with domestic assault, citing a draught of the criminal complaint.

Media later confirmed this after looking at court documents. Roiland went to court on January 12 in Orange County, California. He pleaded not guilty to two felony charges of domestic violence with serious bodily harm and false imprisonment.

What are the criminal charges against Justin Roiland?

The first criminal charges against Roiland, which were made in May 2020, were not made public at the time. The accusations are based on something that happened on January 19, 2020.

Jane Doe, a woman Roiland was seeing, is said to have said bad things about him. Along with the bodycam footage, investigative reports, and many other case records, the police statement that led to Roiland’s imprisonment stayed secret. Roiland was arrested in August 2020 and given a $50,000 bail to get out of jail.

During his hearing in October 2020, he said he was not guilty of both charges. Since then, the case has moved forward in court without any media attention.

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Is Justin Roiland Married and Does He Have a Wife or Girlfriend?

Best known for his voicing roles in Rick and Morty and Fishhooks, the multitalented Justin Roiland has gained immense fame and recognition in the last few years. This leads many of his fans to wonder of his relationship status. Is Justin Roiland married and does he have a wife or girlfriend?

No, Justin Roiland is not married and he currently doesn’t have a girlfriend. Though rumors have circulated online linking Justin to different celebrities on the internet, there is no solid evidence of him being in a relationship. In an interview with Inverse , Justin only briefly mentioned having a few prominent relationships during the years.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Justin Roiland married? No, Justin Roiland is currently not married.
  • Does Justin Rolend have a wife or girlfriend? No, Justin Roiland does not have a wife or girlfriend.
  • Is Justin Roiland dating anyone? At the moment there is no evidence of Justin Roiland being in a relationship.

Justin Roiland is currently focused on his career, as well as other projects that he is involved in. He is an active member of various charities and has made numerous donations for various causes throughout the years.


Justin Roiland is an American actor and the co-creator of Rick and Morty. Despite his fame and recognition in the entertainment industry, he is currently not married and does not have a wife or girlfriend. While there are rumors on the internet linking Justin to celebrities, there is no solid evidence that he is in a relationship. Currently, Justin is focused on his career and actively involved in various charities.

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