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Imran Khan, the recent Prime Minister of Pakistan, whose leaked movie is trending on social media, has stirred up a lot of discussion. The movie was released on the internet despite attempts from Imran Khan’s team to keep it from going public.

Now, ahead of his much-anticipated speech, the public is asking what Imran Khan might discuss about the movie. While it is not yet known for sure what he will say, it is expected that this issue will be addressed as he is expected to take a stand against the spread of such materials.

Imran Khan is a strong believer in Pashtun values and culture and publicly disapproves of material, whether it is movies or other media, that deviate from those values. It is likely that he will use this opportunity to reiterate his stance against such materials.

At the same time, he must also acknowledge that the movie was leaked while being produced in Pakistan, and must address why this happened. This could mean either pointing to the lack of effective systems in place in the country to prevent such leaks or denouncing the group responsible for the film’s release.

He must also consider how the leak of the movie has impacted the Pashtun culture and how this issue can be resolved. This could be done by requesting changes in the law within the film industry or holding the people responsible for the release accountable. Additionally, he could introduce a national structure of regulation and enforcement to better protect Pashtun values and culture.

With the prominence of social media and the viral nature of news, it is difficult to contain leaks from people who do not follow proper media etiquette or respect the cultural values of Pakistan. With this in mind, Imran Khan must emphasize the importance of proper regulation, be it in the context of media or other realms of life.

The Prime Minister’s speech on this matter must keep the public in the country and beyond, informed and aware of the consequences of such actions of irresponsible individuals.

Ultimately, it is yet to be seen what will be discussed in the speech, but it can be expected that it will contain Imran Khan’s beliefs on media and the need for better systems in place in the film industry to ensure the protection of Pashtun culture. Moreover, his speech may set a precedent that will not only protect cultural values but also act as a deterrence to those who attempt to leak such sensitive footage. Imran Khan leaked online video is trending on socialemdia ! In advance of speech he what he converse about? Pak VTV: #LeakedVideo #ViralVideo #LeakedVideos #LeakedTape #SexTapeVideo

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