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I Asked Moms For Their Weirdest Pregnancy Cravings So I Could Try Them, And Here Are 11 That I Myself Couldn’t Stomach

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Did you have a weird pregnancy craving? Do you currently have one? Did you try something on this list? If so, tell us in the comments below!

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I Asked Moms For Their Weirdest Pregnancy Cravings So I Could Try Them, And Here Are 11 That I Myself Couldn’t Stomach

We all know that carrying a baby can bring about some pretty crazy cravings – from pickles and ice cream to something much more obscure. We wanted to hear from real moms and learn about the weirdest cravings they’ve had while carrying a child and if they decided to indulge them.

What We Found Out

When we asked moms on social media to share their weirdest pregnancy cravings, there were some really surprising answers! Some of the cravings people mentioned were:

  • Apple cider vinegar – some moms had a craving for a small glass of the tangy beverage.
  • Chocolate covered potato chips – this was a strange but surprisingly common craving.
  • Sour candy – it was also common for moms to crave sour candy like sour gummy worms and sour patch kids.
  • Pancakes with pickles – this one is definitely not to everyone’s taste – and was the least popular craving among our respondents.

After hearing from so many moms, we compiled a list of 11 of the weirdest pregnancy cravings that people shared with us. We then decided to challenge ourselves and actually try these cravings to find out if they really were as “weird” as people made them out to be.

11 Weird Pregnancy Cravings We Tried

1. Mayonnaise and ice cream

While this sounds like an odd combination, it’s actually quite popular in certain cultures. We decided to give it a try and were actually surprised at how good it was!

2. Pickles and peanut butter

This was another strange combination, but we were pleasantly surprised by this one as well. The smoothness of the peanut butter and the tartness of the pickles made for an interesting flavor.

3. French fries dipped in honey

This one was definitely a weird one – we weren’t sure if the sweetness of the honey would work with the saltiness of the fries. But actually, it was surprisingly good!

4. Saltine crackers with ketchup

This one was a bit more of an acquired taste. The saltiness of the saltine crackers and the tangy flavor of the ketchup made for an interesting flavor.

5. Chocolate-covered potato chips

We were actually shocked when this one turned out to be really good! The salty chips worked really well with the sweet chocolate, which created a delicious combination.

6. Baked beans and cheese on toast

This one was a bit of an odd combination, but we actually liked it! The baked beans had a nice flavor, and the cheese added some creaminess.

7. Popcorn with mustard

This was one of the strangest combinations that we tried – the popcorn had a nice flavor and the mustard added a nice zing.

8. Fried eggs and ketchup

This one was a bit strange, but again it was surprisingly tasty. The ketchup added some sweetness to the fried eggs, which made for a really nice flavor.

9. Potato chips and jelly

This was a strange combination, but it actually worked quite well. The salty chips worked nicely with the sweet jelly, creating an unusual but enjoyable flavor.

10. Bananas and peanut butter

This was another one that we enjoyed – the sweetness of the banana worked well with the crunchy texture of the peanut butter.

11. Pickles and tuna sandwich

This one was probably the strangest of them all – but surprisingly it also turned out to be quite good! The tart flavor of the pickles worked nicely with the tuna, making for an interesting flavor.

As you can see, some of these cravings turned out to be surprisingly tasty! We can definitely understand why some moms are drawn to the strange combinations.

We also wanted to know if any of our respondents had tried any of the cravings they mentioned. We found out that some of them had actually indulged in them, with mixed results! Some said that the cravings turned out to be fabulous, while others said that they were not at all what they were expecting.


We asked moms on social media to share their weirdest pregnancy cravings and got some really surprising answers. We then decided to challenge ourselves and actually try 11 of these cravings, finding that many of them were surprisingly good. We also found out that some moms had actually indulged in these cravings, with mixed results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the weirdest pregnancy craving?

A: Some of the weirdest pregnancy cravings that people have reported are apple cider vinegar, chocolate covered potato chips, sour candy, and pancakes with pickles.

Q: Have any moms actually tried these weird cravings?

A: Yes, some moms have actually tried them and reported mixed results.

Q: Are there any health risks to indulging in these cravings?

A: While most of these cravings are considered safe, it’s important to discuss any cravings with your healthcare provider before trying them, as they might have some nutritional or health implications.

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